Best Epic Packs?

What’s the best character to buy the 2 for 1 packs?

If you’re low on gold, should you steal buy epic packs instead at level 8+?

I decided to grab 10k gold instead. I’m going to be more thrifty and only level items I need…not everything to level faster. Lol

I’ll grab a 2 for 1 epic pack next time I get up to 400. I’m still looking for suggestions on which characters are best from an epic gear standpoint. I tend to favor my bard and rogue right now for pvp.

IMO Halbenet is the best for epic packs. Deathward weapon, melee on move boots, no cool down heal helm, regen amulet. He will change the game for you.

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Yeah most of his epics are as good or better than his legendary gear