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Best female lead

  • Ellie
  • Sarah
  • Amanda
  • Claire

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Doing best because imagine what a bad idea it would be for “worst” when the answer is so obvious.


Love Tea Leoni … but I’ve literally never wanted anyone to get eaten by a dinosaur more



Big fan of Claire Redfield… oh, wrong Claire…

My bad.


It’s pretty hard to pick between Sarah Harding and Claire Dearing, but… Probably Sarah.

Ellie Sattler was cool as well, I just think the other two were more interesting.

Amanda… I am with Hersh on this one, she should have been raptor snacc.


IMO, Sattler>Dearing>Harding>>>>>Kirby. Ellie didn’t do anything outright stupid in the films IIRC. Sarah with the T-rex baby blood-soaked shirt and Claire having a part in I-Rex’s creation knock them down for me. And Amanda is Amanda.

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Love Ellie, but have to go with Sarah and her lucky pack. I know she does some stupid things, but she compensates for them. Gotta love someone who’s willing to risk her life to help something that would like to eat her. Sarah has more balls than any male character in JP!


“Dinosaurs eat man, Woman inherits the earth.”

I love Ellie. Lol


I love satler. Then Harding. Then Clair. But. … Amanda nope none.

Though I think Clair is the purdiest