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Best formation & tips for challenge bosses!


Nice content PiergeironPaladin229!

I’ve outlined the exact ordering of Argathakul’s attacks in this guide here: A Dance with Dragons: retsamerol's step-by-step guide to dancing with Argathakul

So, in my opinion, it isn’t a formation so much moving your characters to a space they won’t be attacked for 2 turns (so that they can attack one turn, and then move the turn after).

Another thing I’ve noticed: The boss behaviour is predictable immediately after you have brought the boss to their “bloodied” status, i.e. reach less than 50% health.

  • Soul of the Frostsilver will raise its shield.
  • Forge of Dumathoin will poison spit at two characters
  • Argathakul will use fire breath on the left-most column and engage in steps 7-9 in my guide.

That means that rounds when you take the bosses to less than half their hitpoints deserve special consideration.

  • For Soul of the Frostsilver, try to get one melee character in front of another character to prevent the shield from going up. Counterattack would also be useful at this time for an extra attack.
  • For Forge of Dumathoin, you can have two characters in a single column since it will be a poison spit attack, rather than column strike.
  • For Argathakul, move away from the left column.

I haven’t noticed anything special for Harkald Firesworn. So long as you have a melee character in the first row, he always engages in push attack. I would say a single melee character with a character behind bracing, is sufficient; you don’t need 2 melee characters in the front row.

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