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Best game company in Canada

Who agrees
For me no
I lost my account from
9th of fab till now and I still don’t get it back I ask to transfer some data such as dinosaur DNA into mail from my old account (no reply)
I ask compensation on all the events I lost (no reply)
I ask for some coin or cash or maybe even darts (you should know what is here)
I am really angry now I have to start from level 1 from almost getting my second legendary the day I lost my account is the day I was getting my second legendary and look how much I love this game I even did this

Researching on what my 3rd legendary
Ya I really loved this game I wanted to even delete jurassic world the game which I spent almost 3 years playing just to play jurassic world alive I really loved this game but now I really hate it

And ludia support I don’t need your to help me I have asked 5 game support 4 staff members here and have 4 accounts in game now

I am just writing this as I am really angry and was wondering if any on your have lost you account and Ludia gave it back to your


I mean, I have to admit they did a very well job on JWTG, Titans Uprising and Rise of Berk but for JWA… not so much. I’m still waiting for them to fix bugs and do something about speedties :roll_eyes:


They must be the only gaming company in canada to win that, honestly i see indie developers do so much more and better on their own and with limited to no founds, whoever chose them for that award was either bought or have no idea what they were doing


The only reason i can see they would win is purely beacause they have the rights for franchises loved by millions, other than that none

Also, JWA is where they cash out, everything else is solid.

As for Canada’s best developer, IMO it’s the guy who made the Canadian football league

This isn’t really a fair question to ask this forum.

Most people here loathe Ludia and consider them the most money hungry gaming company out there because this is the only game they play, mobile or otherwise. Lots of people are going to be heavily biased against Ludia.


Ludia’s games seems to be similar issues. How they got best developer needs to be questioned? Its its from the stand point of games outputted or just successful games?

Are they the best? No. Are they bad? Not really. Just extremely bad at what they should be good at. Coding, selling stuff and making the game grow.


I like how they didn’t put a dino from JWA on the poster(the Indom doesn’t since it’s technically in JW:TG)

Strangely enough, I did lose my game account a few weeks ago.

I had one account on google play and one on Facebook. Somehow when I switched accounts while out I ended up putting my long standing first account into Facebook too and it was gone!

I was mortified, and looked at various ways I may get it back but realised I must have pressed a button that lost it despite being asked on screen if I was sure.

I contacted Ludia and gave them all the details I had and kept my fingers crossed. 5 days later I got a surprise email saying it should be back if I set up a new google play account as they could put it back into that.

And they did! I got it back.

I’m not saying they are the best company in Canada or anywhere come to that. But fair play to them, they did sort out my lost account and for that I’m very grateful.

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This made me laugh so hard :joy: such a nice way to say they’re extremely horrible