Best healer? Beachcomber or Fendmender?

Anyone have experience with both?


i have with Fendmender. my best healer yet i might say… good heal, not good dmg… :joy:
iv’e had him since lvl 9 really good dragon

Beachcomber, no competition. Fendmender is a dead dragon since the update. As some people may know - the update changed the combat system, now even with countermeasures - enemies are routinely getting all their abilities charged before you can set a single Moderately charging dragon’s ability off.
Fendmender is a Very Slow charging turtle with weak aoe dot and the lowest hp/s in the game. The two highest hp/s dragons, Brutewurst and Frosty Spargusrd, have 5% HP per second, while Fendmender has 3.75% HP per second.
In other words - he takes ages to charge, he takes ages to heal, whooping 8 turns, and he hardly even heald you.

And that’s in the time when you can rarely survive past turn 5. And by survive - I mean not get into checkmate situation when all enemies are charged and half of your team dies the next turn.

Plus… Shield healing is immune to both antiheal debuff AND effect purge/steal. While Fendmender’s healing over time is not only straight healing, which is blocked by antiheal, but it’s also a buff that can be purged or stolen.