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Best healers for each rarity?

What do you think, what are the best healers for each rarity? (for raids)

Commons: Para is the best option, but why would you use it?

Rare: Tenontosaurus.

Epic: If your main goal is just healing, Ourano. If you want more damage, Tsintao and Edmontoguan are better.

Legendary: Para Lux, with Bajad next to it for healing slightly more and having GI.

Unique: Tuoramoloch.

Apex: Hadros Lux, but it’s actually worse than Parasaur (the common) if you want heals from it.


Seems like you answered your own question :joy:

Also Diloranosaurus isn’t bad for legendary if you need distraction too.


I wanted to add him (was the go to healer for my alliance for Mammotherium) but the other 2 do a better job at healing, which is what he posted. And apparently I did answer it. Lol


What about Tsintamoth? It’s a pretty decent Legendary healer!

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It is, but its not the BEST, plus it doesnt just focus on healing, having only one heal move.

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Common: Para
Rare: Tenonto
Epic: Tsintao for ferocity and heal, if not edmontogunodon
Legndary: para lux, followed by bajatandon and dilorano
Unique: Tuora
Apex: Hadros

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