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Best (highest damage) hits in raids!

Sorry if a thread like this already exists and I didn’t see it but wanted to start a thread to share your best hits during raids.

Sharing this one courtesy of a collaboration in my alliance - the fine folks at T Wreckz!


We originally did it with the death blow (aka second round) several times, but thanks to a ?new glitch the damage on the last hit disappears so quickly we couldn’t catch it with a screenshot despite multiple attempts :joy:


I think you knocked Sino into next week!! :dizzy_face: Lol (Just wanted to say thank you for your help and patience with the Mortem raids bud, I don’t get many chances at it, your use of the emojis was very helpful… :+1:)

Anytime! We were very close those other times, but sometimes the rng gods are against you and there’s not much you can do :joy:

If you or anyone else is interested and has discord - we do a lot of strategizing to get a lot of people across the finish line over at @zBatman discord raid channel.

Don’t know ow to invite but maybe he can repost the invite link here!


Damn them RNG steGODS!! :rofl: (it didn’t help when I used a heal when you did, I lost my rhythm, it threw me way off…) I think it’s time to download discord, the strategy part sounds good… Knowledge is Power!! :wink:

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I think I figured it out:


Thanks bud, I’ll have a look. :+1:

Updating this to below and one from smilo raid to follow

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