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Best lead or opening dino for 1.11 Immunity meta, Aviary and above arenas?

I love when people start with maxima. You may get one of minds but it’s a Guaranteed Death with my second dino - and making it so that your next dino will feel my strongest attack - which is usually on a one turn delay.

Moral - never start with maxima


I wish I had enough Manny (WM) DNA to fuse it. I just switched around my team to try out my L21 uniques like Tenonto, Quetza, Smila, Magna. Will try it out once I manage to fuse it. Might as well experiment with my team mix as there’s no point trying to get higher than Library ATM with the current season rewards.

If I draw both tower titans, I’ll lead with Gemini. If I draw Magna and Erlidom, I lead with Magna, so Erlidom can finish up if needed. Typically the dinos with multiple purposes and a variety of different moves are good lead. Indoraptor G2 is a decent opener as well.

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Yeah, I noticed Indom making a comeback now even at Library. Barely saw it once I reached Aviary, but now with the Immunity meta, more are putting back in the team and leveling it up to l25

Yeah, I’m thinking of putting Smilonemys back and try it as a starter rather than a swapin. Just doesn’t have the HP to be a swapper as there are now too many chompers which render its 50% armor moot. Don’t wanna waste boosts on it also.
Most starters don’t really have 1st turn armor breakers.So it could be a possible starter.

if you’re lucky, you could get 2 PP off against a thor. PP, DP then PP again.
doesn’t always work, but it’s great when you can pull it off.

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Same here. I try to save Maxima as a closer if possible. I think it’s one of the best in that role. Also serves as my Thor killer. The only dino I have who could take an OP Thor hit and still manage to kill it. (Wouldn’t know about Gtitan as I just can’t get enough Koola G2 DNA to fuse it)


Yup, can’t get enough Barry G2 dna to fuse Erliko yet. The few I faced as an opener died very quickly to my Erlidom and Indo G2. Just not enough HP. Do you boost HP?

I actually tried Thyla out when I benched Sucho. Just couldn’t get HP high enough yet for it to be viable. Barely survives long enough to be able to hit with it’s RT move. Will bring it back once I manage to increase the HP.
Should I boost Speed as well? I’m thinking Speed boosts are more impt for Magna and Quetza to ensure they move first.

I love my Para:

Edmonto was a nuisance for a while.


Only thing I don’t start with ever is gorgo. That’s basically giving them a free kill.


I boosted speed (135, early Library–Always faster than Indoraptor, always slower than Erlidominus) and damage on Erlikospyx, but not so much as I have Erlidom. If the opponent starts with Erlidom vs. my Erlikospyx, the opposing Erlidom will go first and one-shot my Spyx every time (unless I decide to swap something else in its place, which is rare). I just consider that the price of losing the rock-paper-scizzors intro. Then I know what I’m countering, and the enemy Erlidom’s got its rampage on cooldown. Usually I can work with that. It also happens rarely enough (which I find slightly surprising), so I really don’t mind those occasional opening tragedies.

Against Indo G2, I think Erlikospyx is actually a great opener. Yes, it’ll lose. ANYTHING will lose. I now use G2 Indo in my lineup with boosts and great magnificence, and I still look forward to her downfall. Spyx has outpaced any G2 Indo I’ve ever met on round one, and popping off a non-distracted precise rampage quickly takes a sizeable chunk out of it that I’m pretty pleased with.
I actually don’t have Magna or Quetzorion yet. I think Magna is one of those that needs extra boost attention to work (especially in speed), but when it does, it works dang well. Speaking from lack of experience, I’d recommend that over Spyx if you can keep it at a good level.

I love Quetzorion. I get excited when my opponents use it. I see it so rarely, but I really like what it’s capable of and that it’s within reason (unlike G2 Indo). I’ve seen so little of it that I can’t make any confident comment, but I know I like to have at least 2 swap-in dinos to make sure I can use my full squad of 4 in most battles. I expect Quetzorion will be up to the task and beautifully fun to use.

Edit: I didn’t say anything about prioritizing Erlikospyx for boosts. I haven’t thought about this too hard, but I think one of the wonderful things about bleeders is they don’t need many boosts to do their job. Debilitating Distraction & Lethal Wound get the job done. I only boosted damage because I noticed mine was painfully close to finishing targets so many times. I no longer have that issue. I don’t try to make Spyx into an Erlidom. It’s more like a stealth assassin; it does the job, and if it gets caught, it dies. You shouldn’t need a ton of boosts to get the job done. It’s a good member of your team for making sure the other flowers in your garden get some water. That’s one reason I liked Suchotator. It don’t need no boosts


I’m starting to like Gemini as a lead. People have a difficult time handling it even though it’s unboosted and only lvl 21. So far I haven’t met one that was difficult to defeat though.

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I usually don’t mind starting with Ardent, Gemini, Utasino, Thor, Tryko, Spyx, or magna, the only one I would never start with is dimodactylus, since I usually like waiting for the perfect opportunity to swap her in for a surprise. Even if I want to lead with her I don’t think it would be a good idea, not with all these erlidoms, ardents, or geminis running around, but that doesn’t stop me from using dimodactylus.

You still use Dimo ? What level is it at and which arena are you at? Seems very situational use for me for the few times I tried it when I reached Aviary. Too many immunes as well. Other dinos were more versatile. At least Stygi’s invincibility allows a swap with more dinos, but after that Stygi’s basically useless as I’ll swap to an immune or cleanser.

Dimo is situational, but allows you to stack boosts elsewhere.
Not sure if it’s still viable Gyro and up, but back when boosts were scarce it was an unsung hero.

Oh yes, Dimodactylus is very good against those trykosaurus and diorajasaurs. I mainly would swap in my Dimodactylus on those two, but I don’t mind swapping it on a thoradolo and then IPS. Though I have to admit, pterovexus is better than Dimodactylus due to her having basically better stats and having two impacts when Dimodactylus has only one that is delayed. I really like her for LW and IPC, but remember to not take it over lvl 15 because it will get a legendary.

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My starters are maxima and dio

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I start a lot of times with tryostronix. Being immune, it helps for me.

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That’s an interesting lead. I always find that Tryos works best when set up. Do you have yours speed boosted?

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I never managed to get enough Dime DNA to fuse Tryo on my way up. By the time I actually managed to get Tryo, I decided that I wanted to go for Magna instead and save the Dime DNA.

But yeah, the times I do face Tryo, it’s been either as lead or closer. Both cases, they are usually are on mega steroids.