Best Legendaries Now?


Seeing as many of my best Hybrids got nerfed in the update, I’m looking into replacing several members of my team. I’m currently hanging out between Lockdown and Sorna, so I have I Rex and Steggod. Tragod is my current project, but I’ve been wondering what other Legendaries are worth creating. I’ve been having a hard times in battles since 1.4 dropped, so which Hybrids should I spend my rapidly dwindling coins on? I like Monostego and Rajakylo, but are there others that are more accessible? Monolophosaurus and Raja rarely spawn around me. Thanks


Utasinoraptor is officially certified amazing. She can beat cleansing strike with instant charge, 75% chance to stun. If the stun works, the next turn starts and you are now priority speed again. So if you play it right, you get to hit 3 times for their 1.


I would say monomimus is the most annoying legendary, he can be easily classified as unique, and before nerf dilonaro too, they did a unique same as old dilonaro even whit 59 less dmg at 21 than old dilonaro xd


This is a good question that I ask myself as well
Being lv 13 I have discovered 9 of 19 legedaries
I have: I-Rex Stegodeus Megalosuchus Allosinosaurus Utasinoraptor Monistegotops Tragodist (among the rest).
But really wishing to finish Pyrritator (170 dna) Tryostronix (140) Monomimus (just 20 :slightly_frowning_face:) and Paramoloch (70)
It looks like Monomimus is hard to beat, Pyrritator they call a Speed Demon and Utasinoraptor got buffed
I dunno…I probably don’t have enough legendaries to know the answer
Maybe look at what the top players use. And check sites like Metahub where they rank Dinos into tiers.
And of course this Forum is irreplaceable for all the good advices players provide


Stegodeus. No possible debate on this.


My current team: I-Rex (L19), Allosinosaurus (L16), Monostegotops (L17), Utasinoraptor (L16), Tragodistis (L19), Pyrritator (L19), Stegodeus (L22) and one non-legendary Stegaceratops (L22). Experimented a lot and took a lot of advice on here to arrive at this combo - good enough for low level Jurassic Ruins. Working on Monomimus and Tryostronix and will be working on Indoraptor as soon as I-Rex hits L20.


Yeah stegodeus is the best, but after stegodeus i said monomimus, since everybody and their mothers have a overleveled stegodeus xd


Hi Bapt
I agree with you. Stegodeus is an ultimate tank and one of the best and most competitive in current Meta. An easy pick for the team
What about the rest though. Which ones do you have in your team and which ones do you hope to discover and add