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Best Morty Raider?

I am trying to work towards being able to consistently do Mortem Rex raids. I have done the Thyla strat in the past with my lvl 15 thyla but it is very unreliable. What is the best low-level/easy to get guy for raids? The two lowest guys I have seen are lvl 16 poukadei and lvl 20ish tryostronix. Of these two which should I go for or is there a different guy I should pursue?

I have seen one with eremotherium level 1 using all the time the camouflage.

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tryo will serve you well in many a raid. keep leveling and boosting its attack and health and you should be good. or if you don’t want to level tryo anymore irritator with 4178 HP works just as well.


I don’t even have tryo unlocked lol.

Tryos for sure. Get it up to 4200 HP (level 26 unboosted, or lower with some boosts) and you’ll survive mortem crits (4178 damage). It can be used at an even lower level in lux and magnus raids.

I already have a secret weapon for Lux and Magnus carries.

depends on the strat if you can get a tento then thats great otherwise bigger tyro or irritator can also work so i would boost up tryo its used everywhere

Trystronix has more versatility in Raids and even when just unlocked it can participate in Hadros and Cera raids, so long as there’s a Diorajasaur or Skoolasaurus to constantly keep the shields up.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be lvl 20 persay for Mortem, but it DOES need about 4200-4300 health to be safe, though if you’re feeling risky it can be as low as 3400 health, bare minimum.

Or you can just use hadros

Why would you need Hadros?

Lvl 1 eromo