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Best Night Hunting in a While

3 Sinoceratops (epic)
1 Tyrannosaurus Rex (epic)
1 Ouranosaurus (epic)
1 Monolophosaurus (epic)
1 Spinosaurus Gen 2 (epic)
1 Baryonyx (epic)
3 Spinosaurus (rare)
2 Dracorex (rare)
1 Dimetrodon (rare)
2 Wuerhosaurus (rare)
2 Charlie (rare)
2 Delta (rare)
2 Echo (rare)
1 Erlikosaurus Gen 2 (rare)

*It’s been awhile since we (wife and self) have done this good in just 3-4 hours of hunting… I’m just going to take it as we were in the right spots at the right time tonight…