Best of each rarity catagory?

Obviously this is a pretty subjective one since everyone will have their own opinion and everything has a counter, but what would everyone say is top dog of each rarity? I think mine would be:

Common- tanycolagreus: I think there’s really only 3 options here (velo, allo, or tany) but I’d say I see more high level tanky and it’s pretty strong against anything except tanks.

Rare- suchotator: this guy should basically trade 1 for 1 with most anything. Bleed tanks, nullify cloaked, and instant distract high dmg dealers. Strong kit for a rare.

Epic- stegoceratops: I think she has seen more hate on the message boards than almost anyone else. Large health pool, a bit of armor, slow, and 2 75% stuns. Squishies are screwed and if you get your stubs off you either kill or seriously maim anything else.

Legendary- stegodeus: I know a lot of people will disagree and I’m cool with that but I love stegodeus. A metric crap ton of health, armor, and damage. Unless you have bleed, defense shattering, or really lucky cloaks, she is gonna mess you up. She might not win every match up but she will reliably bring almost everything down to clean up range if she doesnt kill it herself.

Unique- ?: cant really speak to this one. Only have indoraptor.

Obviously some opinions will differ but I’m interested what everyone else thinks!

dracorex gen 2 , suchotator, stegoceratops, spinutahsuchus and trykosaurus

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Drac g2, suchotator, gorgosuchus, spinotasuchus, tryko
Walk softly and carry a big Dino lol

Dracorex gen 2 (by a country mile), suchotator (the new stegodeus, so much DNA everywhere), stegoceratops, Spinotasuchus, Dunno, I only have Indoraptor.