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Best Opening Dino?


I’m not sure if it is supposed to just be a crap shoot, but is there a best dino to use as an opener?

I thought I was doing good until I hit 3900 and now I can’t win one without losing one or two right after.


It really all depends on the four dinos they pick for you, but the top three Id start out with is either Indominus, Monostegotops, or Stegodeus. Lots of people like to open with Indominus to create heavy damage. Monostegotops to nullify people that use Indominus at the beginning of the round. Stegodeus to take damage from both indos at the beginning of the round.


I don’t think there is only one option lol it depends on what the opponent is going to choose as his/her opening :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: each type of dino has its counter…

And I agree with @Calebrys !!

(Edited to mention that I agree with the comment above)


Thx for the response.

I tend to like mono to be a surprise for when people pull indo at the end and I dont like losing the weapon to stuns if they start with steg.

I will give those 3 a try though.


Why Use pyro mate? It is so Weak lately :thinking:


You’ve got a stronger and more diverse team than me, but I tend to open with Indominus just to get the gamble out of the way, and because people tend to start with either damage-dealers I can possibly dodge or a tank I can possibly crack. If it fails, then I at least have an idea what I can do. My other opener is usually the Einisuchus because she hits hard with decent speed and can take a beating.


I have to agree that Pyro is pretty crappy at the moment . I usually start with Indominus or Stegoceratops


Just opened with an einia and took out an I-rex and a tragodistis before dying. It’s my fave opener


I’m working on getting uta, tryos, and the ein hybrid (sarc). I can take pyro out for ein.


Forget the einia hybrid it’s rubbish


Why would they add a super hybrid if it was garbage?


I don’t know why do they do anything :joy:

Knock yourself out man but I wouldn’t waste anymore time on it.

You can use your einia to fuse this or level your einia up which has much more damage



Thx for the input. Ein is 17 and sarc is 15. I will leave it alone for nowbased on your input.


She’s absolutely correct. Will probably change with the next balancing but for now this is canon.


I mostly agree except for Stegodeus. That one is awesome! But I prefer to keep that one behind as an ace up in my sleeve. With the high bulk it is ideal vor a quick swap in against a raptor or another nasty dinosaur for which Stegodeus is qualified as counter.
I made good experiences with Gigaspika as opener especially because of counterattack. Therefore I would probably choose Megalosuchus as well (if I had it already).
Immunity, high bulk and slowing features are all good qualities for an opener. And counterattack is the special pinch of salt that makes the diner complete :smiley:


I agree. All of the croc hybrids make fantastic openers.


Correction though, mega isn’t immune. Tryostonics is though, which I hope to have soon.

I’ve also had tragodistic ruin any strat I had when he was used as an opener.


if i can, use stegodeus because it’s doesn’t really have any specialized abilities that you may need later when you see the rest of the opponents team. just takes a ton of damage so hopefully you can see more of their dinos while they try to kill it. that way if they do have stegoceratops or something annoying, IREX isn’t gone in the first round, if they have IREX, monostegotops isn’t gone in the first round, etc.


Thx for the advice guys. It made a difference.
The game matched me against this guy two matches in a row. I beat him both times with some luck to push me over 4000. I bet he was mad.