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Best paleo discoveries of 2018


What are yours and would you like to see any of these new species added ?


As italian, I’m quite proud of the discovery of Saltriovenator zanellai (found in 1996 but identified only in 2018) that is the oldest big pradator and oldest ceratosaur ever discovered


There have been some good news articles recently such as the well preserved dinosaur footprints found here in the UK and a icthyosaur the size of a blue whale.

Hastings Dinosaur Footprints

Giant Icthyosaur

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There was a giant Ichthyosaur called Shastasaurus that was discovered in N. California and China. It was about the same size.

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Ceratosaurs are some of the earliest ancestors of the Abelisaurs, most notably Carnotaurus, Majungasaurus, and Rajasaurus in-game. It’s awesome that there was more to the Abelisaurs’ early lineage than Ceratosaurus.

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Ingentia prima was a cool discovery this year. A massive, nearly complete prosauropod that is now one of the largest Triassic dinosaurs


Also we could add Ledumahadi mafube, a giant sauropoda in early Jurassic period.
Ledumahadi is relative to Ingentia, both in Lessemsauridae.


The prosauropods were amazing finds! Especially Ingentia, as finding even a nearly complete skeleton of any Triassic animal is very rare! These two discoveries will further the knowledge of prosauropods and their evolution into the massive sauropods in the Jurassic.

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