Best part about tournament ending

Being placed with all the top players that had their trophies lowered and loosing 20 matches in a row.
I guess I need to spend more to level my Dino’s so I can win a couple matches again…
Ludias money making plan working as intended.

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Don’t spend money on ludia,
Take your mother* out to dinner instead

*or other person of emotional value


Yeah no joke and today has been just the worst in the arena. Literately everyother move of my apponent has been crits. Non of my evasion has successfully worked. The “luck” today has been real bad. Not gona make any claims but that’s the truth that happened today

My mother isn’t getting this Tryko* to 27. I’ll make an omelet for her though while I level this thing.

*or another dino with a strong win %


Too funny @JHVS!

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