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Best place to find spinosaurus

If you need spino DNA go to Flagstaff.

Here’s proof:

Me and my brother saw like 20 spinos in a minute. Geez


They’ve been spawning like crazy where I am too. I had to double check the events to see if it was Spinosaurus pursuit or something lol. (It’s not btw, so idk why they are spawning so much)


I see them often, maybe 2-3 times every 2 days or so. Considering I need her dna for her unique hybrid i don’t mind the frequent spawning lol

Yea I don’t mind either. Might have something with 2.6.30

Were you, by chance, in the vicinity of a school? That is a nest for Spinosaurus, I know when I drive around my local University campus they spawn like crazy


I am out of town in a hotel or in Flagstaff

You were likely within the range of a school in the area which is why they were spawning in excess. The ranges aren’t greatly defined. Just like how you’ll find Park Spawns outside of the dark green zones

I saw no school nearby

Yea I was there and I saw no school just a bunch of hotels, motels, restaurants and the grand canyon

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Plenty at night at USC

I think the spino spawning could have been 2.6.30.

Idk still investigating

Also I am not far into the game :confused:

I started mid February