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Best PVP dino's after the update

Before the update my favourite PVP dinos were Gemenititan and Ardentismaxima but after the update they got really nerfed down. Okey, the Ardentismaxima is still good, but not with the 100% resistances anymore. The Gemenititan has really lost a lot though… :pensive:

The Erlodominos also lost some strengths which makes me question if I should keep it in the lineup…
Thoradolosaur was also a dino I had leveled up a lot, mostly because everyone else did and I felt I had to do the same to compete. But now it’s not that impressive anymore…

Now, I’m not gonna complain about all changes. I felt it really irritated that the Procerathomimus and Indoraptor gen 2 was way to powerful before the update.
In fact, I still think that the best lineup should consist of only Unique dinos. I think it’s highly illogical that Epic or Legendary are better than Unique.

So, to the topic question. What dinos do you think are the best ones for PVP-matches after the update? With the prerequisite that all dinos have been unlocked.

(I’m asking for PVP-matches since I have zero interest in raids)

Definitely ardentismaxima and trykosaurus.

Tenonto, erlido, dio, magna, quetzorion, erlikopsyx are also good now.

And of course, thyla and alloraptor are a must have now, because they counter tryko and ardentis.


Thanks for the input!

My current lineup consists of:
Ardentismaxima, Erlidominos, Gemenititan, Diorajasaur, Smilonemys, Quetzorion, Dracoseratosaurus and Thoradolosaur - but still trying to figure it out… Thor only stays since it’s my only lvl 27, all others are 22-24. Swapped my lvl 25 Indo g.2 for a lvl 22 Quetz…

By principle, I don’t want to go for the Alloraptor and Thylacotator, even though I can se their strengths after your input. Wondering if I’ll manage to stay away… :thinking:

I’m still running Thor personally at maxed level with maxed boosts. I’d only argue it isn’t as useful if you used to put a ridiculous amount of speed boosts in it, but if you give it quite a lot of health and attack instead, with only a few speed boosts at most, it can still be quite the monster, even without DSR.

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You are kidding right? Ardentis is much more better compared to the other dinos and you say she lost full immunity :smiley: I did not read the rest of the post…

I haven’t used any boosts at all since last time they changed how boost worked. Still only running my dino’s vanilla at the level they’re at… I would actually prefer if they would remove boosts all together.

I just get annoyed when placing all my boosts (or dna for that matter) on a dino that suddenly gets useless after an update.

Also, when boosts arrived they got nulled if you leveled up your boosted dino. Don’t know if that’s still the case(?), but if it is I wouldn’t want to use my boosts until the dino reach max level.

No I wasn’t kidding. Before she had resistance to everything, now she doesn’t. She has a lower base attack than before, and is no longer 100% resistant to distraction, vulnerability, DoT…

Maybe she was overly powerful before, I’m only saying it dropped from my favourite to one of my least favourite who still makes the lineup.

EDIT: Ah sorry, I answered regarding Gemenititan. Ardentismaxima is my favourite now (it used to be Gemenititan) but it also lost some resistances (the same I mentioned above).

Ardentis got nerfed? It got buffed so much its head and half of its neck are peeking through the clouds.
Before the buff, my T10 hp smaxima only had 7087 hp, one impact, one rampage, a shield-breaking anti-dodge move, instant invincibility, and full immunity. Now it has 7874 hp, 2 rampages, 2 slowing moves (one which cleanses distraction and removes cloak/dodge), a two turn invincibility shield, still is immune to most meta-related stuff (stun, slow) and partially immune to distraction 75%. The only things barely keeping it in check are the lack of anti-bleed and being a good target for rend attackers.


Perhaps I was a bit quick to the conclusion regarding the Ardentismaxima then. At the level I’m playing at “everyone” started with any of the two Indoraptors, and the best way to take them down was with the Ardentis or Gemenititan. Since they were immune to everything they were almost always working good or atleast decent to any opponent. In that way they got nerfed down. But offcourse the Ardentis got better in some aspects as well (which I apparently haven’t learned to take advantage of yet).

The Gemenititan however only got worse after the update.

I usually go anti-cloak first on Smaxima if I meet the Indo twins. You also have instant invincibility on smaxima to avoid situations where opponent goes Mutual Fury.

Gemini now seems balanced. It doesn’t plow through everything anymore, but still has good attack, a nice toolkit, and plenty of resistances. So I’m keeping him on my team.

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