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Best PVP line up

what is the best PVP line up that can be had? I know Tryko and Maxima are really good. I have even heard Stegodeus is brutal, and Allosino is better than Thor. I am just trying to see what direction I need to go with my team.

other good options are Dio and Tenontorex. and if you want to deal with the big hp dinos, bleeders like thyla and vexus.
Monolorhino is pretty good as well as a surprise swap in.


Don’t use stegodeus. There are better tanks like mammolania. Dio and thylacotator are really good. Ardont is a bit of a sleeper. Same with grypo. Monolorhino would be good. Phorasaura got a buff, so him too.


Quetzorion seems pretty strong too.

Quetz struggles due to the anti-evasion meta. Phorasaura is better because it has 2 priority moves and one is a rampage. Mags is better too because it can’t be slowed