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Best Raid Dinos (Follow-up)

Since I have decided to go for Toura and Tryo first, will I need boosts on them for the raids? If so please tell me the optimal raid boost spread for each.


Edited: Thanks for the tips and suggestions in my previous post.

Tuora doesn’t need speed, so your best bets are either max health, max damage, or 15/15. Tryo should have around 131-135 speed, and most into health, with some damage.


Thanks Cheese.


Depends on creature level. High level Tuo and Tryo need no boost.

Tryo only needs speed if your raid friends use Morty, Thyla or Thor (typically, could be other) faster than 124.

A level 20 tryo works for most raids. If u want it to survive a mort crit it needs 4178 health. Which is level 26 or 24 with afew boosts. Dont need any on speed or damage. Tuora the more damage boosts the better cause heal is based on damage.

If you plan on using Tuora in PvP, which it’s honestly pretty decent in (but obviously not the best), I’d recommend this spread


Otherwise, use 10/20/0. With that much attack it can single handedly save the team if the raid is going south for you, as they are sometimes wont to do.

I work with a level 21 Tryo with 11hp 10 damage, Mort crit safe whilst dealing the same damage as a 26. Helps me a lot in low aviary.

all depends on the raid tryo and touro are a stable more health and damage you can throw at them the better…but…everyone skips over irritator :stuck_out_tongue: you get this to a good level you can run a critapaollzer raid anywhere on any dino epics rare apex whatever all they need is to befaster the the other dinos ane health damage is irrelevant.
now other ones are skoolie…lvl 20 or better and health used in alot of raids(not my favorite i alwasy cringe in thos raids) monorhino is now use in a few raids and lvl 22 can get you into the apex club…another is mammolania…also useful in a couple of raid with a bit of speed.

they are the ones off the top of my head