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Best Raid Dinos

I have recently started trying to grind out a few guys for Apex raids so I can ideally add them to my roster. What dinos should I go for? I am currently trying to get Tryo, Toura, and Thor but I have heard people say get Dio over Toura because Dio is better in the arena than Toura is. Which one should I get, Toura or Dio, and what other good raid dinosaurs are there?

Some good raid dinos are toura, thor, and tryo like you mentioned and I believe there’s also maxima, gem, dilocheirus idk how u spell its name but the dilo ourano superhybrid, and dioraja. I’m sure there are other’s but those are good in raids. Toura is definitely a good creature to try and lvl up and boost for raids when looking at the main 3 u stated

Tuora will allow you to participate in all apex raids that are currently out. (trebax after some levels since that raid is a pain and the requirements are high).

Dio can also be used in some apex raids (in trebax with lv 25-26 stats) and is a decent choice in the arena as it shuts down pretty much all slowable cunning type creatures.

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Toura is probably the absolute best raid Dino its used in all strategies I’d say make toura your first priority and then work on dio

The most important raid creatures with the most commoms strats are Tuo (#1), Max, Gem, Tenrex, Morty, Thyla, Tryo/Irri.

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