Best resilient legendary to go for

I’d like to go for a pure resilient legendary.
I don’t have enough DNA for mammotherium
Do you have any other recommendations

Mammotherium and Stegodeus are some good options


Stegodus is pretty good

Mamotherium or stegodeus are the best resilient options

Stegodeus is pretty good

Enteloceros is Resilient + Fierce Elite High


ankylomoloch is one of the best legendarys also a pretty decent resilient but harder to get as bumpy is exclusive


Ankylomoloch would be good if you have bumpy

If you don’t stegodeus is pretty good

Other then that and mammotherium the other pure resilient legendarys are pretty bad


I would say stegodeus is the best if you want to be safe and keep levelling.
Mammo and anky are better at pvp but they both fuse into uniques whilst stegodeus is very unlikely to fuse into another hybrid.
Also stego is alot easier to fuse and lv.

Ankylodicuros since it has superiority strike then rampage as well

ankylodicurus is an epic :confused:

yea whatever

Superhybrid + hybrid hybrids exist nowadays so that sentence might be wrong