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Best rewards can't be claimed

Do you remember that Ludia promised us the best rewards in Arena, and they said that it’s reason why runes removed from Alpha chest?

And what’s now? We just can’t win in Arena and get medals for these “best rewards”.


@Lagrow,I agree with you, they said the arena will have the best rewards in the game but there is really nothing special, we weren’t even getting that many runes from it before the hotfix when we were facing bots , and now that there is no bots, we can’t get any at all and we can’t advance anymore, so I don’t really see any reason of playing in it anymore, you can get some runes and 5* sheeps by the end of the season depending on your ranking, but now,most people won’t be getting those runes and 5* sheeps because they can’t advance.


Luckily I saved some of my medals from last round, so I may just manage to get all of Glaivedrivers TPs. But since I am not advancing I am not getting the extra medals from each tier and won’t be able to buy anything else - I was buying TPs for other event dragons too… (sigh)

And I forgot to mention, that when people were complaining about the duties when they were made hard after that horrible update,they said that they don’t see any reason anymore of making the duties overly difficult, what did they do after telling this lie? Nothing. They didn’t change them and left them like they they just destroyed another new feature we were looking forward to,first was clans where we were to get the best rewards in the game, it was destroyed, no runes anymore,and the amount of the rewards were reduced. Now arena,we were able to advance at first because of the bots now we can’t anymore cuz of their removal,and we never got some beatable teams, always top players with 7000 BP and higher,the arena duties now are like useless and can’t be completed, we can’t get runes now from this arena, they always done things their way and it’s time now to listen to us, they’ve done enough bad things, nerfing dragons like the cryptic,arena is completely screwed, the game almost has completely changed.


Didn’t they use to have runes quests for event dragons every week? Now it about every 3 or 4 weeks. They just keep reducing the amount of runes we can get and make it harder to obtain them.

It almost seems that sooner or later the only place we’ll be able to get runes is in this messed up arena.