Best Rewards from Alpha Chest?

Hey guys,

I was wondering what are some of the best rewards you have gotten from an Alpha chest & at which level of chest you got them from.
There is such a wide mix of clans tackling alphas, some now battling 10* and others at 3* etc.
I was curious to know what is the best dragon anyone has been able to get from a chest & the differences found between the rewards at lower chest levels compared with those at higher chest levels?

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Got my best chest dragon today! Came out of a level 8 chest.


Whoa, that’s cool! I’m still at level 5 chests, not really had much in the way of decent dragons.

I’ve gotten Son of Skullcrusher, Charsoul and just yesterday Skullcrown. All in a row from 3 level 8 alpha chests which makes me think that 4*s may be a guaranteed drop from that level upwards but i’m not 100% sure, it could just be pure luck.

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We were getting 4*s from level 7 chests as well

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