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Best road for boost: rework and reset

After 1.7 some players use bug for buy more than 1 per Day boost.

The problem with boost make 4 New type of players :
-bug user to get much boost
-Normal user who buy all boost 1/day
-Occasional buyer who get lot of boost

  • Zéro boost buyer cause no cash during event or New players.

Boost is definitive and can’t be catch up.
Because boost shop is over.
How 2 last types of players can beat 2 first types of players with 150-250 point boost more (is 2 tiers more easy).
Top players gain each month cash.
Boost rewards more top players than mid/New players. Because they don’t need use real cash to buy.
Now mid/New players can’t Come in 4500 ranks and much in top 500.
Because all opponents have much much much Dinos boosted.

It’s not like Dino’s Level, where you can catch up with the time.

You have 0 boost, others players have +150 more
When you have 150 boost, others have still 150 more (300 boost).

Best issue was make a new monney for buy boost like Diamond or fossil.
Like this each players start with the same base.
Because after 1.7 f2p can’t buy much, Occasional cash player can’t follow the rythm, Top/cash player can buy all boost every Day.

And i repeat stop be greedy. It’s amazing with all bug (match, drone,…) your game was limit unplayable. You gave Just nothing.
Much others game give same or more with less bug (hello dokkan Battle, Legends, duel link,…).