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Best “slow” dinos to level

I’m finding more and more I’m running into speed level 7+ thor that basically sweeps my whole team and the one counter I have (Christmas tree) gets eaten by Rat if I bring him out. I’m currently working towards tryko. But what are some of the best dinos that don’t really need speed boosting? I’m f2p and can’t boost all my dinos to keep up with 2100 damage Thor with 143 speed and level 25 rat that I can’t one shot.


Diplovenator its the hard counter of thor but needs lots of boosts to be viable cus the cancer RAT ruins all kind of strategy in it cus this potato has potential i started boosting him but he will have a unique one day and all will be wasted so i stop working on him
Those are some of the best F2P friendly dinos
Suchotator or its hybrid both are awesome
Sarcorixis its great and easy to level up
Now the Shame ones
Nerf immun proof material

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Awesome thank you for the insight! I actually have diplovenator to level 20 but once again is out sped now mostly and ratted.

I shamefully put draco back in the line up. I was going without him but getting creamed. I badly want to replace him once I get another viable creature. I’ll take a look at some of those others and contemplate leveling. I save all my cash and coins for war dinos. Or potential war dinos

And as for procera I validate using him by the fact I refuse to create and use Thor and only have 2 uniques :joy:

She first slows Thor forcing Thor to do instant or die. She can absorb the instant without getting stunned and take out Thor. If not quite, she gets the next hit in before Thor and a good 30% chance of a crit.

Maxine can also counter Procera, Utasino and Utarinex because she is immune to the distractions and stuns and she can break through shields and cloak.


Awesome! I’m very far from her unfortunately :frowning: I don’t even the legendary needed for her

Work for this one first. It’s just like Maxine except it doesn’t break cloak but it is immune to slow, stuns and bleed. This one was one I would have on my winning team on my 2nd account.

You got it I’ll start working on her right away!