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Best Starters in Fights

As the title says, which Dinos are the best starters in fights in 1.6 and, if you have an opinion on it, in 1.7?
I’m at 4500 trophys and, love it or not, I still love to open with Indominus (Lv. 21)… So many options and great dmg. The problem is that i still don’t know what to open when he’s not in my deck.

THOR is fun. Smash through 3 dinos without dying.

Utasino, or rinex, to counter all those who open with Thor :joy:


Utasino is the best I have… It’s capable of defeating or doing heavy damage on anything, except Magna. The only reason I don’t usually start with Uta is because I have to save it for Dracos… Only do it when I also have my Erlido selected.

So my usual starter is Sucho

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You gift a takedown when you run into a rinex which is a pretty frequent opener.

Dracocera, no question about it :+1:t4:


Erlidom is the best imo, ussually the faster one and ussually survives 1 hit from anything if cloak doesn’t work…

I think it’s best to save Thor for Dracos, ussually one-shots them

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Indeed many players’ opener is actually "anything that can deal around 2k damage so I can send my Draco*


I try to start with things that counter what most everyone has been suggesting…

Spino for Magna
Monostego for Erlidom
Tenonto for Thor/Tryko

I get it right just over half the time I’d say. Probably lucky more than anything on that, but a lot of these are good for other things too, and what team is chosen for me helps decide what I choose to open with, too.

Any distracting Dino is usually good to start with. Speed is also a plus. I will usually start with anything I feel I can afford to lose. Rinex or dilo are great openers. Because you can run if it’s not a decent matchup.


Rinex pretty much, except against Magna. Indo for Magna. Monostego and Rinex for Erlidominus.
Always saving Erlidominus for Dracocera.

Monostego and Rinex are my favorites.

For the folks that open with utarinex - what dino do you hate seeing come out?

Dilo or trago. Trago only because it makes the match last forever.


Tryko or Erlidom. I know there’s a chance I can 2 shot Erlidom to, but my luck hasn’t been that good lately. Or Utasino.

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Yeah definitely utasino. Forgot that one lol


Ok, cool. Thanks. Working on getting my utasino to team level right now (L24, 570/750). Sad I wasted a ton of sino on both uniques - I can’t stand either one.

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A higher level rinex😅


I like to open with Spinotahsuchus, the high speed and Bleed abilities helps me scope out some enemy dinos, Bleeding would either mean they swap or they die (usually with me). If I don’t have Spinotahsuchus in my 4, I open with Suchotator, though I usually keep Suchotator for the endgame when a enemy tank could pop out.

Mine is L24, 19/250 and shall go no higher.