Best tank in the game atm?

Which for you is the best tank in the game?? Don’t know if bench stegod and try something else or just keep leveling it up.
Share your opinion on the best tank for you and for your playstyle!!

I would say for me it’s Tragodistis, it can beat and outlast Stegodeus (since it lost it’s armour pearcing rampage)

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I am enjoying Nodopatotitan at the moment. It is a shielding slowdown machine. Battles using it are not fast, but effective. It has a surprise capability I am just learning how to use.


Ive been on team Giga for a while now. Slows every other turn, shield, rampage and 40% armor. Stegod still has all that health, its like trying to cut down an oak tree with a kitchen knife and trag is really capable of shining as well but Ive always had a soft spot for Giga

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Your oak tree comment made me giggle. I needed that, thank you. <3

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the tanks are all different and have different uses and advantages. stegod is still great all around. great to open with thagomizer against a Thor or rinex, itll send them running. Ss is still very effective against dinos that like to spam instant distraction. having rampage to start with is also great against irex. its a great counter for irex with its shield.

Giga is a great counter attacking tank. its decelerating impact is great for setting up its rampage. its armor allows it to last a long time behind its shield. it has pinning strike which allows you to pin the runners down. i love to swap him in before my dino dies and it gets in the final blow to kill the enemy off. its ingredients are alot easier to find then stegodeus.

tragodistis is a pain in the butt dino that can long shield, ss, rampage and greater stun you. its rampage with crit seems to win alot against me. i dont use it anymore so i cant talk to much about it.

diorajasaur is an underestimated type of tank. sure its hp is low but its defense shattering counter attack is lethal. ithas distraction, can pin. it has an instant shield that stops all damage and allows you to sneak in a final counter attack for the win. it also has a short shield. great dino but better at higher levels maybe 23 and up.

dont forget stegoceratops. it now has two 75% stun moves then can be used back to back. einiasuchus also has the 75% stun move and can regen health.

i cant speak for nodopatotitan but as mentioned above it seams pretty good.

ankyntrosaurus is another pita tank but you should probably leave that at level 20 for tryko.

then there are other dinos with kits that can make them kind of tanky like megalosuchus, suchotator, sarcorixis etc…


And people say there’s no quick way to destroy tanks… I say there’s 4: Ankylocodon, Postimetro, Indom, and Monolometro. Immune to slow and other status effects, and depending on the dino I use, I can slowdown, pierce armor, shatter shields, or nullify positive effects on an opponent, and take down the tank quickly.

Maybe a quick SIA bleed from Dimodactylus if I’m feeling into dirty fighting…

Nodopatotitan, i’m not gonna say why because i preffer never face it at the arena and just me use it c:

Tryko, for sure.

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I consider Lord Tryko the definitive dino, not a tank…if i ever considered Tryko a tank i would never have asked this question​:rofl::rofl:

Well, define “best”.

But I think objectively speaking, Alankylosaurus is the best tank as in being the best at absorbing damage, since she can literally facetank without a scratch for 4 turns, having double two turn Invincibility, then after 50%shield for two turns AND 30% armor.

The ammount of damage she can soak is disgusting, it is basically a brick wall with wings

tryko is a type of tank imo. because of the kit.

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Tryko definitely has tank tendencies. No doubt.but its still just tanky chomper. Its not a natural tank like trago giga stegod etc. I also dont consider stegoceratops and monosteogo tanks lol