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Best tanks!


What do y’all feel are the best tanks? Here’s a list of what I have highest to lowest level… Which should I keep and work on?

Euoplocephulus lvl 21
Einiasuchus lvl 19
Stegodeus lvl 18
Tragodistis lvl 18
Stegoceratops lvl 18
Ankylosaurus gen 2 lvl 17
Stegosaurus lvl 17
Nodopastosaurus lvl 16
Amargocephalus lvl 15
Ankylosaurus lvl 15
Kentrosaurus lvl 15
Amargasaurus lvl 15
Argentinosaurus lvl 15
Apatosaurus lvl 15
Triceratops gen 2 lvl 13
Triceratops lvl 12


Stegodeus, stegoceratops, einusuchus is a good back up tank/dmg. Prob those three. Try to choose einusuchus when a opponent at low health and you’re faster. Finishing it off with ferocious strike leaving what ever comes in next to be hit by a powered up greater stun. Lots of occasions folk will throw in a raptor. The raptor pounce will only put your dmg to neutral because of the earlier ferocious strike. Resulting in one shot kills


People seem to forget that tanks are supposed to have cannons.


This is exactly what I do. Lots of people finish opponents off with just normal strike to avoid wasting better skills, but Einiasuchus should almost always begin with ferocious strike to be all buffed up for the next opponent. Keep this in mind, folks, good advice!


I prefer to have a good combination of high hp as well as firepower and slow/stun moves. Admittedly, I’m not that high in the leaderboards, but my team is holding up in Badlands.

Steg (Lev. 14)
Euoplocephalus (Lev. 14)
Einiosuchus (Lev. 12)
Apatosaurus (lev. 9)


no doubt stegoceratops. good health/attack, a deceleration attack (which is a must) and 3 stun attacks. can’t ask for much more. there’s a reason a lot of the top players on the leaderboard have 3 uniques, 4 legendary hybrids and stegoceratops.


I’m still working on beefing up both of my hybrids, but so far I don’t have any unique or legendary dinos. I’m taking my time. No rush.


Stegodeus is by far the best tank in the game


Aw stop it! You are making me want her even more! But I can’t manage to find a d4mn Nodosaurus (need about 600 Nodosaurus DNA, which isn’t a lot, but they aren’t anywhere) :cry::heart_eyes:



Keeping its DNA for fuse