Best TapJoy challenges for quick money


Can someone recommend an easy/quick way to get some cash?


I noticed that it’s different for different countries. When I was in Danmark, I saw there so many good and well payed offers. But when I returned back to Russia, they disappeared.
So even if somebody suggests something, you may not find it in your country.


Did currency change when you traveled from one country to another?


Hmmm, I don’t remember, not sure.


The in game tapjoy basically organizes the ways of getting cash by category. Should be pretty simple to figure out from there.


There’s a slot machine offer that I’ve been doing today that has an auto spin option. I’m already at level 10 just from messing with it a few hours and I’m gonna let it spin until I’m at 11 for the cash reward. I forget the name of it but I think it pays out $600+ for JWA. I can’t stop it to check right now.


Don’t do the big ones. Tapjoy doesn’t pay them out. I’ve had a couple now that I wasted my time on without getting the reward :frowning: