Best Team For Tourney

With the Common and no stun tourney happenin, Whats the best team to put in??
(Scorpius is tempting)
(Im quite new as a lvl 13 player)

Post your teams as well

Scorpius won’t be allowed because of Quill Impact.

Anyways, here’s what might be my common tourney team (for skill, not advantage)

what i meant for scorpius is the prize…

and thx for the team suggestion. i did have raptor, Dumpling, Sloth and Coel to be in my team…
and i think some swappers as well. i think your team is good and im goin for it :slight_smile:

Oh, gotcha.

Coel, Eremo, Glypto, and Velociraptor are musts for this tournament, I highly suggest those. For swappers, Dracorex Gen 2 is another good option. Sinosauro and Deinocheirus are nice backup when Velociraptor isn’t available, and Suchomimus/Sarcosuchus are your go-to flock counters.

YEP. I’m gonna make my sister to have the same things

Thx for the suggestion. (i’ve think of this before but just in case cuz i want to grind as well other than ya know, JW TG’s Tsintao.)

NOW for the no stun team.

For the no stun team, here’s what I’m running

It’s not the perfect team since it’s built around my hatred for flocks. Other options can be used such as Compsognathus, Brontolasmus, Entelochops, Albertosaurus, Suchotator, Purrolyth, and maybe Scutosaurus, Velosrhacos, Compsognathus Gen 2, and Diplodocus.

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The thing is, i can have fun at Skill…


at least, apart from gamma and rhacos… (indom at 15 and yada yada)

yeh, ill stick to raptor.

Ten kills is still a pain.

My team:

Help if team need fix…

I can’t post more so i edit my prev message lol (i’m new to the forums)

Advantage is always a pain for early to mid players, I suggest getting your ten kills then quitting once you have them.

Deinonychus isn’t really the best option, it doesn’t have enough health compared to Raptor to make up for its significantly lower damage, meaning it performs worse against resilients.

Cannot use Scorpious because quill impact is a stub move

Other than Irri and Sucho, that’s actually a really good team, maybe swap in Dg2 and Stygi2 for the lvl5s