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Best thor builds opinion thred

I need opinions on Thor builds. How much speed will he need as well as health and attack. I was thinking 6 health 8 attack and 16 speed? Or would you promote tank mode 16 health 8 attack and 6 speed? What is everyone shooting for?

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I think the general opinion is that there’s no point boosting speed at all, maybe just a little bit.
You probably can’t go wrong with an even split between health and damage, but a little extra on either side shouldn’t make too much of a difference.

I think @SicilianBeast has a speedy Thor though, around 129+, so you might want their input on this.

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Actually it is now 131 speed Thor. My other dinos, although unboosted, definitely hold their own.

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This beast outspeeded my IndoG1 and Quetzorion…

What a shame Ludia destroying its own game
This seems to be a good Thor setup though…


Thor is my strike tower smasher so his speed is 131 and everything else is in attack. They are always over quickly and painlessly.

These are the Thors I have seen running around recently.

I would go 12 hp, 12 attack, and 6 speed. Or 12/11/7. Speed Thors won’t last long. Literally just whooped a speed 149 one xD And I do not have any crutches. I just slowed it with maxima than made easy work of it.

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Best to maximize attack and hp. Maybe a small amount of speed , but honestly since it can be slowed anyway those speed boosts are mostly useless

Here’s another max boosted crutch Thor a friend of mine found in gyro so there’s definitely 2 max boosted Thors around. One with heavy speed and one like this.

If anyone thinks the library is really wild wait till gyro and you see max boosted lvl 30 crutch thors.
That’s 10 hp and 20 attack.

I would balance attack and damage a bit more and add a sprinkle of speed.

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My Thor’s a balanced one, but has an edge in raw power. He loves eating dinosaurs, stegodeus is his favourite!

You guys are talking about 131 speed thor’s and I’m seeing them between 147 and 151 every game… and yes they’re hard to over come.

What? Isn’t 149 the maximum speed for a level 30 Thor? 109 + 40 Max speed boosts

I’m not currently using Thor but that’s more or less the build i would prefer, all out in damage, perhaps a little bit in speed or all the rest in hp.

I don’t use Thor either. I love Thor too. Its just I don’t like what it turned into. The dino a huge majority of players max boost as a crutch. Its a little sad. Thor’s maxxed speed is 149 I believe.

Oh here is a video beating an all maxxed boosted thor level 30 with 30 boost tiers and they put most into speed, its definitely a crutch… Slow it with maxima lol


great vid. I half expected them to go instant charge against maxima for guaranteed damage incase Maxima crit again.


I was rooting for the win against Thor. Well done!

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They expect you to do instant invincibility then they kill you and your next dino. Never fall for it. If it’s a crutch Thor that’s what they do everytime. Crutch players aren’t very brilliant there just there thinking there crutch can stampede your entire team.

Notice how I let the timer slowly go down while there crutch was out. Make them slowly pay for it.

Fair enough. I don’t see too many of these crutch thors in aviary so i haven’t gotten a chance to see how to work around them. (tho i don’t have maxima anyway, so it would take some more strategy to deal with.) Now 140+ speed indo g2s, i see a lot of.

I’ve had that before lol. Allosino too. Every time I use Instant Invincibility I expect them to predict it, but most of the ones I face don’t.
I mean, all it takes is to take a peek at your opponent’s moveset and you know that they’re likely to use it. It’s the same story with the Procera users in Aviary. Only once or twice have I met a Procera in the arena that actually played smart.
I suppose the ones higher up will be more seasoned though.

Only on one occasion did a Thor go for DSI then not use IC, but that was probably because they knew I couldn’t one-shot them (which is why I went for DSR instead of II). Maxima landed a crit and KO’d it lol.

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