Best time of day to hunt Quetzalcoatlus

I have a local park that i visit and im currently trying to get Quetzorion. When i use my rare scents, i tend to get Tenentosaurus most of the time. Is there any specific times that the Quetz will be more common to run across than others and if so, what are those times?

I tend to see them in the mornings in the UK.

I live in the US (California) and I do most of my hunting around the afternoon and have found Quetzalcoatlus around that time. I have spotted her in the evenings on occasion. It’s kind of funny. Before she got a hybrid she would show up at every park I visited. Now, she shows up a bit more randomly. I launched a rare scent at a park recently and got 1 Quetzalcoatlus spawn out of it. I’m looking for her too (so close to creating the hybrid). :grinning:

It should spawn at any time in parks. It’s probably slightly more present at night because then there are no tenonto spawns. Unfortunately, night starts at like 11pm or so here, so that gives me a pretty short window.

At night is the best time to hunt for quetz. The spawns are not diluted by tenont. If using a rare scent you can get 4-5 on average


That’s good to know - will have to try one night :+1:

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