Best time to hunt for Titanoboa?

Got an Epic Scent from the Strike Event yesterday and I’m wondering what time would be the best to use if for Titanoboa. I’ve managed to find 2 in the wild at around 5 PM and 7 PM. Are they a Dusk/Night spawn? Or just a regular all day global one for the time being?

they spawn like the hybrid pursuit dinos. so global anytime spawns for their “event”.

The best time is Never and the best place Neverland.


You probably missed one while making this thread.

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Titanoboa is only competing with pachy this week. There really is no best time to find one but if you see a pachy, it could have been a boa. Good luck.

I have found 5, all but 1 of them was either dawn or dusk.

the 2 wild i’ve found, 1 was at night. the other was around 10 am.

The only wild ones I’ve found (2) have been at night, in spite of hunting waaay more during the day.
The second one spawned just out of range while I was running through my 5-minute scents.