Best. Tourney. Ever

If I post here my support number, will you delete my account please Ludia?

That’s all.

I’m top150 in arena, but you have ruined this game. I have lots of better stuff to do with my time.

Oh, and I have a suggestion for next months tourneys. One Rixis only tourney. And then one with only level 30 epics with a minimum of 30 boosts (since all must be epics, it seems). Great job Ludia, keep up the great work. I really love this game right now.


i sense only a little bit of sarcasm


I agree with him that the tourney formats have gotten ridiculous. The rixis tourney, the wholly tourney, etc. It’s the same format over and over again with little to no variety. Hardly any legendary tourneys, once in a blue moon unique tourneys, etc.

They need to rethink the tourney system. Maybe it’s allowing boost shuffle 1-2 times per month for advantage tourneys to at least make them more interesting.


I’ve been saying that we should do a Common, Rare, or a Common/Rare Tournament for weeks. I want to play with the new Common and Rare creatures that have been released. I want to play with the Rare hybrids. Let me fight an Andrewsarchus with my Eremotherium. What’s so hard about that?

I don’t want to touch any epics for a month. Is that too hard to ask?


Ludia know what they are doing so that’s why we have endless epic tourneys.

So many players have max boosted their pvp teams or no longer participate in pvp so they have built and boosted their epics for tourneys.

I honestly think these tourneys are worse than pvp now.


They are way worse. For arena, at least you can have a goal to get your 8 best creatures to level 30 and fully boost them. I currently have a team of 8 uniques at 30 with 25-29 boosts each, having never spent real money.

But for tourneys, they do epics tourneys over and over, and when people start to get high level epics Ludia will just drop it and start to do repeated rares or something else tourneys.

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because some people are on level 11-12 and dont have 8 legendarys yet, not to mention uniques

yes! This benefits ALL players (except the new ones who probably havent even unlocked tournaments yet so…)

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i would rather do Aviary Battles than this tourney


Players who are that low level aren’t going to have many of the same Epics necessary to adequately compete in Epic tournaments either, so what difference would it make if they couldn’t participate in a Legendary or Unique tournament if they can’t do much more than get ten takedowns in the Epic tournaments anyway?

I’m personally getting sick of the constant Epic tournaments, both Skilled and Advantage, and at this point, I’ll gladly take anything else.

Unique and Legendary Advantage or Skilled? Uniques and Epics, or Legendaries and Epics? Commons and Rares, or just either or?

All of them sound good to me, because there’s now the chance for a variety of different teams, at least.


This tourney: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Like every tourney, just same recycled ideas for 1.5 years now for these tournies


Why can’t we have themes, like a bird tourney along with there hybrids, there are players that regularly play themes in pvp , we could have rhinos &. Hadrosaurs t-rex n friends, most if not all players would have dinos in these categories , there’s over 20 birds in the game of some description , at least players would be able to wipe the cobwebs off them occasionally & use them .


I was thinking this. Tourneys wouldn’t need to be just by rarities, there could be a choice of about 20 creatures, mixed rarities, to choose from (of course if there’s 8 uniques and 12 commons we all know what would happen, but there could be like, some weaker legendaries, some stronger epics and rares to choose from). Or they could allow us to apply 240 free boosts to tourney team (or another number like 120 or 60), so everyone could boost the way they please, this would make speed ties way less frequent (of course boosts would be removed after, they’d be for tourney only).

There’s a lot of different stuff they could do if they weren’t as lazy as to just throw us epics tourneys week after week after week.


This current tourney is one of the worst in quite some time.

If you don’t have an overlevelled / boosted Rixis, then you stand virtually no chance of finishing in the top 1,000.

Is this tourney worse than regular PvP?
I would say yes, a lot worse, for 2 reasons:

  • PvP isn’t completely dominated by one creature

  • 3-0 matches are extremely rare in PvP, but very common in this tourney;
    a high level Rixis can completely wipe out a full team of decent strength opponents without the need for backup. Where’s the fun in that?

edit: I’m actually just outside the top 2,000 now and keep falling as every 2nd match involves getting beat down by a Rixis of lvl 26 or more (by contrast, mine is lvl 20, which just can’t compete).

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For me, what makes these Rixis tournaments especially boring is that getting beaten by a high level Rixi is so methodical and inevitable.
As you’re locked in, it grinds you down with back-to-back stuns*, before finishing you off with its hugely powerful Ferocious Impact.
More often than not, you literally have to sit there for 3 turns, unable to make a move, waiting to be knocked out.

*If you get lucky, the Greater Stunning attack won’t land and you get a hit off before you go down - hooray!


Ludia should consider automatically unlocking the needed creatures for one themed skill tourney a month. Maybe throw in some concept creatures, too. Like potential future releases to alpha test in the tournament. This could help them decide final stats, ease of availability, etc., before permanent implementation.

Wouldn’t hurt to make the basic participation rewards somewhat meaningful. I agree there should be stuff to work for, but average players don’t really have much incentive to play. And certainly not beyond 10 takedowns.

Together, these changes would encourage wider participation in tourneys and may feed into more alliances investing in participation in other tourneys to get alliance rewards.