Best tourney team and wut to dart

well the title…

asking for reference

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Mine is not the best team, but it works pretty good

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this is mine currently

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I would say put on dimodac instead of titanoboa or velosrach


I’ll consider that as i love on escape creature

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Btw changed alberto for compy g1

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We have the same team :slight_smile:

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My team at the moment. It could be better but it’s working ok for now

My team is currently

Gamma, DimDac, Cotator, Snake-Dino, a guy who was the most annoying Flock, T-Boa, Antarc, Bouncy Boi made from Ankodon…

Is that good??
Gamma is for flocks (and argen sometimes, be smart and go for Min.Spd) and revenge kills,
Cotator, when i’m stuck (Haven’t ever won with it, kinda thinking for compy g2 over him)
DimDac is actually suprisingly useful (a kill almost guaranteed),
SnakeDino, Good Starter, Spam with SDS, then finish with a cleanse or fero… (Flocks and any cunning rests in peace)
T-Boa, Good, Not The best, used to snipe… (thinking of Megalonyx)
Genteryx, well, you know, do its thing…
Antarc, Flatten Cunnings and flock
Bouncy Boi, Flocks as well…

and i suprisingly don’t have lasmus nor gaia cuz of never find megalo and elasmo, coins an issue as well…

You’r team is very good (-:

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Running this, I might use purrol as well. No escape is pretty good here


That’s my team too

Beetween these legend what to dart, i think ankymoloch is good…

But please, tell me wut to dart