Best unboosted team for arena

Hi, I’d like to get some ideas how to build the best unboosted team for the arena. I do not think that it would be the same dinos like with boosts as e.g. speedboosts on dinos with resistance to speed reduction bring significant advantages… I heard of some players who manage to hit the Shores with unboosted teams, @Phil? I thought Jack of all trades like Magna and Monolometrodon could be useful.
That’s my set currently:

Thx for any useful help!

i recommend tenontorex and/or grypolyth.

Skip Thor if you’re set on not boosting. It just isn’t good. Too slow.



Hey thanks for asking.

Well, I haven’t hit shores before. I did manage to hit gyro twice. This last season was tough for me and I was around 5300 high. But the 2 before I hit gyro and lost the first battle each time lol but I got there! Haha

So here is my team. Yesterday I took Diorajasaur from level 25 to 30 costing 820,000 coins lol so I hope it was worth it! I removed Stegodeus and added Diorajasaur. So it’s still fresh to me.

The only other change to my team in forever was replacing Utasinoraptor and adding Thor. It makes me sick! 2.0 destroyed Utasinoraptor by removing its critical impact. I added Thor because my only other max level unique was Diloracheirus.

Removing Stegodeus and Utasinoraptor were tough. They’ve been on my team since I unlocked both of them! They’re 2 of my favorite creatures in the game. So it was really hard to do but I felt that the changes were a good “career” move lol.

Hopefully with Diorajasaur on the lineup I will be able to hit Gyro again and hopefully stay a while. But if this season is anything like last, I’ll be staying where I’m at.

Hey Phil, I’m strolling around 5200-5300 since a year or so, so it really speakes for your battle skills to go beyond 5500! :+1:
And I do really like your choice of Dinos, Stegodeus was my first Legendary and first L30 Dino, so she is glory from the past. I also had Utasino up to L28, but then stuns became so useless during the immune meta :roll_eyes: But I like even more your L30 Puru… I’m working mine towards L30 also, it is such a perfect allrounder, if it would only have more damage. Anyway, thx for your input, I think I’m not so bad with my current team. By the way what is your alliance? Are there more players like you around? :face_with_monocle:

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Metrodon and magna is a deadly duo, so definitely keep them. Other than that I would say ditch Thor and pick up cheirus

My alliance is: Timmy What Is It

I don’t believe anyone else in my team plays unboosted. I think maybe a few have since the shuffle. I’m not sure if their current standing though.

Oh I love Purutaurus! It looks so awesome! It’s one of my tournament babies.