Best Unique and Legendary Dinosaurs for Raids (General)

Title says it all.
It seems like the dinosaurs vary, and there’s no really good list to explain what dinosaurs are the most useful for raids in general.
In your opinion, what dinosaurs should be focused on, to be the most useful for raids, not for ladder? And what raids they excel in?

for apex raids (not including Trebax and in no particular order):
Tuoramoloch - imo, the best healer and support for everything
Ardentis/ Gemini- they are interchangeable to a point, but it really depends on what you need (crits vs damage; both can do well in multiple raids)
Thor: high damage output (can do well in multiple raids with the right pairings)
Teontorex: high damage, good utility, great auxiliary healer. (does well with the right pairing in Mortem raids)
Tryo: team buffer with decent damage output (does well in multiple raids)
Irritator: one of the better team buffers for lower lv players. and can bring down the total lvs and boosts needed for a team by a massive chunk. (does well in multiple raids)
Inostherium: an unlikely team buffer and debuff user. (paired with sucho, gem and tuora, does well in Magnus raid)
Keratoporcus: group damage and team buffer. (Does well in the Lux raid with irritator, tuora and max)

there’s probably some i missed, so feel free to add to the list.


irritator is a good raid creature

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Thank you for that, that’s the kind of detailed list I think can be useful to everyone :slight_smile:

Dilorach: it heals, it distracts, it’s got good attack and good HP. it’s great for walling off damage and healing your team

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Mortem is also somewhat useful (Roar). (better in Raid than PvP in fact :slight_smile: )

A Mortem followed by a Maxima or Gemini (particularly buffed by Tryo or Irrit before) is a good way to clean the small dinos…


Apex raids:
Ardentismaxima/Geminititan (Health, Protection, Big hit)
Tryostonix (Buff, Big hit, Heal)
Tuoramoloch (Heal, Buff)
Tenontorex (Damage, Heal, Big hit)
Diorajasaur (Protection)
Diloracheirus (Heal)
Erlikospyx (Distraction, Big hit) P.s. choosing it also depends on which boss you are facing)

Unique Raids:
Ardentismaxima/Geminititan (Health, Protection, Big hit)
Erlikospyx (Distraction, Big hit)
Tryostonix (Buff, Big hit, Heal)
Tuoramoloch (Heal, Buff)
Tenontorex (Damage, Heal, Big hit)
Diorajasaur (Protection)

Legendary Raids:
Nodopatotitan (Health, Protection)
Tryostonix (Buff, Big hit, Heal)
Rajakylosaurus (Protection)
Monostegotops (Protection, Heal)
Bajatonodon (Protection, Heal)
Spinonyx (Big hit)
Diplovenator (Distraction, Big hit)

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