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Best Use For Bucks?

I’ve saved up about 5000 just from drops, incs, challenges. It’s a pretty decent stash for F2P. Wondering what everyone thinks is the best way to use them?

Scents can be useful, but not always. Sometimes they are total duds, on top of it not being safe to walk about currently.

Market incubators I’ve heard are not worth the exchange rate.

Boosts are… unsavory. I’ve only been using boosts that I accumulate since Boost 2.0 launched. I do understand they are pretty important (unfortunately) for arena progress (I’m in Library). Really my boosts are just for tournament/sanctuary guys now though

Coin exchange really is only worth it on those rare sale days I suppose.

And then there’s just arena incubator speed ups.

Any advice on what to spend them on?

Save your HC for the coin sales… coins are what you will need the most to upgrade dinos


I wish they would do them more often though :tired_face:


Battle incubators.

If you just speed up your 3 hour incubators, you will get 32 more boosts for the same amount of bucks

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Battle Incubators are my preference.

A 3 hour battle incubator gives 2 Boosts and 625 coins for 30 bucks.

The ‘best’ coin bundle gives 55 coins per buck (66 & 77 during various sales).
A boost buy nets 25/500 cash or… 1 boost per 20 bucks

The battle incubator gives you:
1 boost per 15 bucks
20 coins per buck.

Plus you get 357 DNA (at least 32 rare) which includes some dinos you can’t otherwise get (Arambourgiana, Stygmoloch Gen II, Proceratotsaurus, Baryonyx II, Irritator, Purrusaurus, Gallimimus, Miragaia, Phorusrhacos)

It’s a pretty good deal.

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No doubt the extinct coin sales.

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Don’t buy boosts directly, speeding up incubators is better.
I usually save my bucks for special sale bundles, like that amazing goat premium bundle on April fools, or coin sales.

By the far the most cost efficient cash spending is on speeding up incubators for boosts. They give more, in addition to DNA. However, most people don’t have the time for that, nor the patience. So if you’re not a fan of that approach, boost sales and scents are also good outputs.

Either coins or boosts.