Best Use for cash?

We see time and time again stuff like cash in games credits, people either splurge out at the start or pile them up and not touch them, I’m wondering I’m JW Alive what is the best use for ‘Cash’ the in game credit we get at supply’s drops I’m nearly around 300.

I have heard battling and cashing the battle incubators is a good way to spend the in game currency.

What is the most effective use without the real purchase of anything in game.


I bought the special incubator for 450 andwas very happy withthe dna i recieved

I have over 2k from buying the level up packages. So far I have only spent any on the arena rank up. So I am still deciding. I like to hear others thoughts also.

Save em for coins. Once your dinos get to level 10, it costs 10k coins, 11 is like 12k, 12 is 15k.

You may think you have lots of coins but you will soon have to grind coins for 1 week to level 1 dino.


So you can pay / exchange cash for coins when you don’t have enough?

In my experience, the best value for ‘money’ is to speed up the arena incubator timers.

The incubators from the markets will provide you with a wider variety of Dino’s - but other then the ‘oh cool, a new Dino’ factor they will end up being too low level to be competitive in arenas.

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Then I will spend my money on that then! Thank you to everyone who replied!

I think Hieronious’ warning about needing coins later in the game is a warning we should heed. I’ve heard this a few times now. 10k for a single level up?

But then again, there will be a significant amount of time between each evolution since it’ll require so much DNA to level them up in the first place.

I’m still going to be keeping an eye on coinage. Someone also suggested to continuously battle in the arena whether you have space for incubators or not because you at least get coins for the battles.

Here is the proof, check the picture below. Not speaking about every 20 gold fuse i had to use. The game will get very expensive at some point: the only way forward is by playing the game and having patience with it. Especially gold related. Buying enormous amounts of gold will never save you. New dinosaurs will be announced and the circle goes round again. Maybe even level cap increase; it will never stop (classic example; pogo).

As @OWDSKL said: best way is to spend cash on speeding up incubators. With vip you get 1800~ cash / month. If you speed up 180 3h crates at 1h (10 cash) you will most likely end up with loads of 8h, 12h and 24h incubs + AND save loads of hours / month. Instead of 8 3h / day you can now do 12 3h per day (just the math; its not possible due to sleep for example). You dont even have to spend more money; only VIP. 10€ already pays itself.

For gold; 1500 cash = 75.000 gold, 300 left. 180 3h incubators = 180h of waiting time avoided but especially 72.000 gold (level 11, arena 7 = 400 gold). Slightly less BUT you also got loads of darts and especially DNA which speeds your general progress. The instant gold buy doesn’t; you still need darts, 180h and DNA. You even get more 12h and 24h if lucky since theres more empty spots vs. full of 3h incubators.

Doing battles in the arena also has a daily coin cap if im correct. Still worth it if you know you can beat opponents ‘easily’. Unlike arena 7 where the AI is ridiculous lol. Rather wait for incubators and go outside, spin some supply drops haha feelsbadman i need gold. :sob::rofl::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Take it from OWDSKL in this thread: Use in-game cash ON INCUBATORS. The value of exchanging cash for gold kinda sucks. It should only be done in a pinch, if ever.

And as those in here have said, gold will become very hard to come by, especially once you reach Level 9/10. I’m level 10 and upgrading a dino for me costs between 6K to 15K (I need 15K gold to make my first upgrade for Stegodeus).

You’ll be begging for Treasure Hunt day in no time lol. But the best way to get gold other than that is battle, battle, battle. I dont believe theres a limit to the gold u get from battle, although there is a daily gold limit from supply drops. Good luck!

Incubs. Best use for cash, in my opinion.

If you are talking about the coins we get directly from battle, there is a fixed limit. After that you get the warning that you will receive trophies but not coins. I knew at one time, if we continue battling, we still used to get coins even after that though intermittently.

If you were talking about the cash from Battle Incubators, then yes. There is no limit on them.

I am interested in understanding through real statistics, examples how speeding up incubators is better in getting coins than buying coins using hard cash?
I have been spending my cash on buying coins (mostly I wait for deals), but there have been scenarios where I had to evolve my dinos urgently and had to use my cash for coins without any deals.

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My dinos are all 40k+…and my 23 stegod is gonna be a pain to get 24 lol

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It’s an important answer. So I tried.

Lvl 14.Assuming metahub incubator theory.
175 incubators arena 8 at lvl 14.

35x15 mins
105x3 hr
31x8 hr
3x12 hr
1x24 hr

Speeding up 3 hr costs 3150 cash. Still leaves 13 days waiting for the others and 35 ads on 15 min incubators.

Assuming 21 coins for winning can be more. 3hr incubators give me 219 common dna not 268. May be other errors in text to actual.

Grand totals of 175 incubators arena 8 lvl 14.
122567 coins
66356 common dna
8108 rare dna
783 epic dna
2520 Gallimimus (not sure always same dino)
465 Stygimoloch

Or you could think of 3150 cash as .7 of 4500 vault of coins = 175000 coins. But that can be on offer. IMPORTANTLY you also get half the above numbers as speeding up saves you 13 days.

I think buying vault of coins is the choice for me.

I did a quick calculation myself based on the coins I get for each incubator and see that it is best for 24h incubator and the advantage goes on decreasing for speeding up lower incubators assuming you would have required lower time anyways. And in that time, you can earn more incubators.

Based on my calculations, I am getting following rates: 15 coins/1 cash (8h), 29 coins/1 cash (12h) and 46 coing/1cash.

Buying directly gives me: 41.6 coins/1 cash (60 cash offer), 50 coins/1 cash (500 cash offer).

I personally wait for good deals to be available and therefore would hold on from speeding up anything other than 24h incubators.

Edit: Just to add in, the above cost is for my Level 13 and the number of coins would vary based on your level. I am not sure if the cost for speeding up incubators vary on level.
Also, the DNAs received would be better as you level up.


More importantly you managed to post it. Gratz.

Basically in a 26 day loop you get 122567 coins lvl 14 arena 8 incubators. Spending 3150 on 105 3hr incubators saves half that time. Store gets 175000 coins for same cash but you still get all that stuff just 13 days longer.

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Would be interesting to see how much you can get only on the 8h/12h/24h incubators since you save more time there and in that time, win more incubators and keep them running meanwhile.

Assuming everyone sleeps for 6h-8h daily, this might not be realistic and I myself find the best to use 8h incubators while I sleep.

Another hidden this is impossible.
3080 cash to do 8hr 12hr 24hr. Not 3150 on 3hr

spend them on coins, or (it’s expensive) but legendary incubators.
never speed up your arena incubators unless you are in a hurry to get garbage.


I spent mine on the 7k or whatever VIP inc. I ended up with a lot of gen 2 dna (no hybrids), concavenator and secondausous.

Worst money ever spent.