Best Use for cash?

Wow. Lots of bad advise. Use cash on coins only, whenever they have the coin deals. Never pay for incubators


Yeah I can honestly say I was wrong. I agree with some of the posts with great detail on here, dont use it on incubators. Use it on coins and good coin deals when u see em.

And since just about all my posts are being hidden for absolutely no reason (no cursing, no nothing) I’ll probably make this my last post on here. Super annoying. I’m sure this msg will be hidden too

I wish they would publish the filter. I feel bad for the moderators given extra work. Unrelated to breaking the actual forum rules.

Back in older days, everyone was saying coins were the best use. Later on, they’d run very dry. But the game’s giving out more now. I spend mine on stat boosts. Whatever you get from store incubators will likely go obsolete. If you really want to get one, I’d suggest waiting for an incubator with multiple dinosaurs that you really want and just can’t seem to get any other way.

This topic, which is nearly a year old isn’t even talking about spending real money on the game.