Best use for gems?

Was thinking on buying Rakia’s epic pack but i wanted to know from more experienced players (since im only on lvl 6 reknown) if its better to get something else with my gems or what its better to get with them

It really depends on your character’s level.

Early game, only buy gold
Mid levels, epic packs (especially when 2 for 1)
Later levels, pink chests (best chance for legendary equipment)

I always buy the 2 for 1 epic packs. Figure 400 is roughly 8k gold value. 2 epic packs are worth ~9k gold (It’s what, 14 epics and ~2k gold?) combined and they are epics so you will use them for a very long time. Added bonus is you get a nice chunk of XP for that character as well from leveling up the gear.

*Noted that the number of cards in the pack is different than I quoted and thus the math is different. Still a good deal imo.

Btw im a f2p if that changes anything, thanks for the info

The two for one epic packs are a great deal and recommended if you can afford them.