Best use for sino help

Finally created utahrinex this morning and the struggle for draco was unmatched. I’ve got almost 1100 sino and am wondering if I should put it into leveling L20 utahsino, L23 Thor, L20 allisino or wait and hope for a miracle of a whole bunch of draco. I’m needing to keep a spot open for the green chicken on Sunday if all goes as planned. Thanks ahead of time!

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Level up Thor, don’t waste dna for utah or allo.

Utarinex is arguably the best Dino in the game at the moment. Better to invest in it. Unless you are a collecter. The best thing about Thor is it counters tryko and a few other good Dino’s with a hit and instant charge but, utarinex can pretty much counter the same Dino’s and more

Rinex loses sooooo badly to itself. If you can figure out how to get those dracos (l2) that should be your priority easily.

If not, thor ftw! I use mine at 22, and I love it.


Working in l2 helps, but that dang under the desk darting isn’t very effective. I was considering allosino due to the close move set and armor. I will hold off for awhile, it’s easy to rush and regret in this game I’ve learned. Thanks for the input!

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:joy::joy: i understand!!! Under the desk darting is not very effective :slight_smile:

The big diff between thor and allo to me is the crit (40 is a LOT) and the speed. Helps soooo much vs tryko.

Oh yes…the crit hmmm. I haven’t had the formal pleasure of introducing any of my team to this Tryko you speak of. I am being silly :grin: Getting closer to tenontorex too so waiting for draco is the route to go.

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Leveling thor is super tempting…

Level thor and utarinex is also an good otpion. Tennot is a beast too

Haha another toilet break

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There is a sneaky rumour that Dracorex rare was in the data mine. Coming soon :slight_smile:

I ended up with a heap of apato and steg from the scent capsules, but just enough draco without spending a ton

376 more sino from the epic tower, never thought I had that kind of luck :slightly_smiling_face: