Best use of cash now?

Boosts are too expensive, incubators always have this incredible ability to supply me with DNA I don’t need, and scents don’t seem to be any better. That said, I still have a lot that I don’t use now, around 4500.


Speed up incubators for a bit and farm boosts?

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I’d say speed up your incubators (if you battle often in the arena), and maybe some coins if you don’t have many.

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Id say speeding up incs is the best use of cash in the game period.

You acquire boosts cheaper then outright buying them.

Get arena exclusive dna.
And coins.

You might be able to buy specific boosts… or more coins. Or an incubator with a chance at a incubator exclusive. But speeding up incs gets you all three.

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I’ve been using my cash on scents. But I was also trying to level 2 dinos where I could essentially farm both ingredient I needed in the same place. I got my level on them this week so I’m happy with my choice. I also don’t battle nearly enough to speed up incs. I don’t mind spending time scenting and hunting, but I don’t love battling enough to spend so much time farming incs.


Or you could just save for later like a special rate on coins

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A diversified portfolio* or passive investing through ETFs with a balance of domestic and international companies across a variety of non-complementary industries.

… or features for digital dinosaur hybrids on a mobile game.

Both options are good I suppose :nerd_face:

*substitute: charity, a memorable vacation, gifts for the fam or other people you love… etc


I use them for epic scents typically. I find I can get about 3 epics per epic scent and 5 epic scents = 1 epic incubator, so I think the scents are more worth it if you want dna. Speeding up incubators isn’t a bad option either

I use to solely buy common scents or the occasional rare scent if I needed a specific rare. I got enough epic spawns to be worth it, and the commons are cheap and if your phones battery dies its not like you have a 20min scent going, very little waste.

I use it to speed up incs and farm rare scents. The common scents are inefficient and the epic scents are expensive, unless you don’t care about money, then they save a lot of time and give you rares as well. Leveling a dinosaur is comparable to buying boosts, and the incubators don’t give that much dna.

See I used to hunt for hours at a time at night, and since raptors were night only it was ideal for my Indoraptor.

Also if you tally all the time you get from a 5min scent pack, you can actually get a lot more active scent time with the amount of scents you can get for the same price as a rare one.

1 rare scent is 20mins which is 200 DinoBux, but you can get 4 of the 5min scent packs for that same 200, and you get 5 common scents per pack, for a total of 100 minutes of active scents!

Pretty much second what most have said; I use my free in game HC (and we get quite a lot now especially if your alliance has a channel for posting the social media links - there were two 50 HC ones this week in one day) to speed up incubators (I never battle unless I have an empty slot and I battle a lot). I will also get the odd scent - special ones, common and rare - epic ones aren’t worth the HC in my opinion. Haven’t bought boosts with them since the reset - better to get them from incubator speed ups.

Raptor scent is the best investment I made with HC in this game. The worst is tournaments like last week, where I have not been awarded 600HC due to a bug and now they pretend to take 70 for playing this weekend…

I’ve always saved my cash for coin sales.