Best use of Loyalty Points?

As the title says, what is the best investment with loyalty points?

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Personally, I like to spend them on the 10 packs found in the vip section. Those solid gold pack dinos are great at improving lineups, filling in gaps, and are decent coin producers.


The 10k packs?

The ones that cost 10000 loyalty points.


I agree. Ludia picked out the best selection for 10K packs.


Sounds good, thanks. Is there any reason to save loyalty points or just use them on packs? I plan to keep some for vip event entries

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Vip event entries take a small amount of vip points so it is not a big thing to get fussed about


The answer to your question depends on if your lineup needs more creatures or not. The 10k packs are a great way of gaining more creatures to deepen your lineup for pve and tournament purposes.

If you have the lineup for this already then saving lp might be a good idea as we have discounts on VIP packs that occur around the holiday periods.


Solid Gold and the Building Packs for cheap bucks.

Are you VIP or not?

If you are VIP and early game use some on 10k packs to build your jurassic, aquatic and ceno lineups BUT keep enough around to do the prize drop. Not 100% sure how it works for VIPs but some of the tickets on certain days cost LPs i believe.

Take advantage of the VIP offers in the trade harbor, mainly LPS for 10k amphibs

If you are not VIP and early game buy 10k packs for the same reasons above.

Once you get a decent enough lineup and are satisfied with how many VIP creatures you have you can hold off on buying the 10k packs as much and start storing some LPs for special discounts or offerings that happen once in a blue moon. It’s worth it IMO as eventually adding move VIP creatures to your lineup does not have an immediate effect on your game or progress so why not just wait for specials.

One thing i very recently changed my tune on from the past is the 20k packs. In the past I would say never spend on a 20k pack just keep buying the 10k packs you will eventually get enough of what you want. <— this is true but you can go a very long time without getting 1 or 2 specific creatures, how bad do you need those would play a roll in buying a 20k offering for that creature. With that being said I probably wouldn’t buy anything from a 20k pack unless it was an amphib. After many years this game is still lacking in amphibs and there is no guarantee on when or if that will ever change. This makes the VIP amphibs way more valuable than any other of the VIP creatures offered in the 10k packs and worth it to spend the extra LPs as a Non VIP player for them. But make sure you have 38k LPs for whatever it costs so you can buy 2 packs in a row, getting the second at a small discount.

I recently started doing this on D2’s account and it has been worth it IMO as we are steadily building up our numbers of presto’s and Masto’s that will be invaluable after we make our indoraptor jump. Until more good and well priced amphibs are added to the game this doesn’t change anytime soon for me.

I’ll probably even look to buy a few amphib 20k packs on D1’s game as well as she could use a few more to round out her amphibs for the upcoming indoraptor jump.


I got lots of 10K packs reduced to 8K in the big sale we had before Christmas, which was great. But it left me with lots of single L10 copies of different creatures. So I have been buying 20K packs as they come round to get the second copy for a level 20, which is much more useful. As a result I am now at the point where if I put in a good run with everything on the Friday of a 3 day tournament, I can do most of the rest on Saturday and Sunday with L20 VIPs while my top line-up does the PVE.

I have also bought 20K packs quite regularly in pairs, as you get a reduction on the second one to 17 or 18K. It is useful for building up a collection of a selected creature. I have focused on a small selection of the available Jurassics to get a good basic selection. The cost has been in limiting my Aquatic and Ceno VIPs though.


Ah yes, I forgot to mention the prize drop lol. I just assumed the player wasn’t a vip.

Just to be clear I am pretty much against buying 20k packs unless it is for either Presto or Masto and that could change if Ludia ever decides to add some more to the amphib selection.