Best use of Tyrannosaur DNA

Have had indoraptor unlocked and he’s not bad, just not great either, at 22. Tryko and erlidominus seem to be beastly so regretting my decision. Think indoraptor is still worthwhile?

Definitely worth it, the higher you get it the stronger it gets so. At level 25 mine does over 1300 damage, and im close to level 26, at which time it will do a whopping 1400 damage!
And with a 20% crit chance, its LETHAL and I DO mean lethal :wink:


I agree, the Indo is definitely worth it. Mine hits 4600 for a crit :grin: Just keep leveling it up.

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Don’t know about erlidominus but tryko is one of the best dinos rn. Will take roughly 2.5k dna to get assuming your Rex is at lvl 20 though