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Best uses for stydarix in current meta?

I just unlocked the majestic beast and I really want to use her. Who are the best match ups and times to use her swapping abilities? I’m in upper aviary so I usually see Thor, erlidom, indo g1 and 2, draco, and tryko.

Second: what’s the best boost allocation for her?

The best place to have it is in the bench.


Unfortunately it’s true. Stygidaryx is rather useless.

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Don’t listen to them. I use monomimus on my team and it’s actually pretty good. Stygidaryx could be good if you used it right. Boost it’s health because it would be good for it to use a swoop, then come back later with its swap In, swoop again. It can deal some stuff over and over, and I can’t wait to unlock it.

Boost it’s health, and use it as a bleeder/swap in Invincibility user

As for matchups, it’s great against grypolyth, Tragodistis, Stegodeus And any other tanks. I’m also sure it could hold its own against Diorajasaur with a nice lethal Swoop, Which can’t be hit by a definite Counter. But it’s useless against immunes. It’s a Dino that is very good in certain situations, but just don’t use it against any immunes or chompers.

Its useless against chompers and most teams have a couple of decent chompers. Really not worth using, sadly.


if you can predict the swap for DC swap in daryx and cleanse swoop into something like grypolyth or tryko, or if you can predict tryko going for ID or II swap stygidaryx in and go for cleanse swoop, overall stygidaryx needs superior vulnerability, like seriously, I am not kidding.

So it’s useless against immune and chomper dinos…
And it seems the person asking is in upper Aviary where immune and chomper dinos run amok.
And it gets worse when you hit the library as every other match is against Geminititan or Ardentismaxima to go with the Erlidom, Magna and Thor.
So yeah, the bench is easily the best place for it.


I’m playing a swap-deck at the movement and using the Stygidaryx.

I think it works fine in a combo-deck.

You can swap to a dino with swap-in-stun, meaning you then could bleed and make a stun and opponent miss their turn.

Great combo together with Phorusaura, where you could get a stun and also be ready for a instant(!) Rampage.

Also great with Monostego, damage and maby a stun aswell…

Sad tho that the the Stygidaryx dosen’t have some more attacks to make damage.

I love swap combos. I don’t have any that do actual damage, but when i can pull it off, nemys and smiloceph continuous swaps are fun for me. (1 thing that bugs me is that carbocera got swap in headbut instead of nemys. kinda feels odd having a turtle do that rather than the cat that had the literal flavor text about it.)

As for Stygidaryx Jakestfarm, I agree with Moksha. She’s not that great on her own, but works really well with a team that can help set her up. She’s a team player dino.

I just got it also and only used it a couple times. I used it on this weeks level 30 epic strike tower that I beat with dino’s level 18 to 21.

I consider it a “Novelty” dino that I will use on themed teams for fun like Grypolyth.

I am looking to put together a novelty dino team to see how well such a team can do.

Some examples of novelty dinos would be Grypolyth, Stydarix, Kelenken, Entelodon, Phorasrhocus, Nasutoceratops, Elasmotherium, Carbonemys, Carbotoceratops Allosaurus Gen 2.

All these have their good points at just the right time against just the right opponent dinos but generally overall weak. They are fun to throw out there but just not staples.

I’ve given mine more than a quick little try… It needs help.


Thanks everyone for the replies! I know she isn’t tyrant or even high apex but that’s part of the fun of games for me. I get bored running the ever common and overpowered stuff in games. It’s not as challenging and more of an “autopilot” feel much like the rat. But I can see why players wouldn’t play her. I’ve been thinking about the main dinos I see and yes it does seem situational for most matchups. I do appreciate seeing both sides though. I do have a couple of swap ins on my team (smilonemys and zorion) and working of phouro could be fun. Hope it gets a buff in 1.11!

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In the “My Collection” section, as far away from battle as possible.

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I still have many missing uniques so I like to use the ones I have if possible.

Overall pretty darn useless. Weak against immunes, chompers, instant move users, any speedster with over 2800 base health, high damagers, cleansers, and just pretty much everything. It can beat non-hybrid raptors (except blue) and the occasional tank though, as long as the tank doesnt boast any of the above traits.

To be honest though, its fun to play around with, and I hope it gets buffed, but it’s not likely to get you anywhere in the arena

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It’s very situational, and often doesn’t really fit in. When it does work, though, you need to see the moment and take advantage. Then you feel like a mastermind and it’s fun. :slight_smile:

As a general rule, I like to have 2 dinos in my squad with swap-in effects. This makes pretty high odds of all 4 dinos being useful. I’d rather have 3 champs and Stygidaryx than 4 champs that are all useless swapped in during battle. If you just have the 4 champs that can’t swap, you might as well only have 3.

I’ve never heard good things about starting with Stygidaryx, but honestly, I don’t think it’s a bad plan. It’s not going to be more helpful if you don’t start with it, so why not? It may not seem to do much, but it can take a hit. It’s durable for a flier. If Stygi doesn’t like what she sees on round 1, she can swoop out instantly. Even if it’s Erlidom, Stygidaryx will survive.

I have found I like starting with Stygidaryx especially when there’s another dino right after it that’ll be fun to swap in. Take the Suchotator, for instance. Stygidaryx uses Cleansing Swoop to the Suchotator, who’s a friggin’ tank of a bleeder. Suchotator then stacks the bleed on the next target and survives the round after with distraction. Target’s down, Suchotator’s still standing. Also works with Thylacotator and a decent number of other beasties.

I also use Stygidaryx to time out my attacks later. I can predict when the enemy’s sick & tired of my Stygidaryx and will use Thor’s rampage to make sure it goes down. Then Rampage is still on cooldown for when Maxima takes the field or something. Fun stuff like that. You’re just chucking Stygidaryx as wimpy tribute at that point, but hey, that’s a use.

I suppose you could also use it as a repeat blocker against Indoms. Swap it in, block the hit, and then Cleansing Swoop can swap it back out the very next round. Try that with Dracocera. I could see that getting annoying.


As of right now, she’s the absolutely worst unique out there unfortunately. She might get a rework in 1.11 or later updates though.

I am now using it though it meant benching Triko and DC. Still managing to battle in 5100/5300.

Meta MUST change. There is and absolute domination of immunes here.

The problem here is people always are thinking of 1vs1 battles which is not the case of this bird. But a swap in team with this bird is at least, more useful and funny too.

This bird has its place as well as Alankylo had. A great counter against Erlidom if you don’t want to lose a value dino that you might use later.

Trykos, dioraja… Die funny against this bird anticipating shields and distraction. I won’t be the most competitive but as I cannot reach ardentis, Gemini or Erlidom…

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Well fact is stigydaryx is not so bad,it have a lot of use.
a god swap in when erli have cloak + rampage,an erlikospyx in front or any high dmg which don’t pierce through shield.
Main problem come from his ability,he don’t deal nice dmg (1000 lvl 26) and his others skills rely on bleed.
And the fact is bleed is useless end game in 1.10 because the best creatures are all the immunes one (ardentis,gemini,procera,indogen2,magna,erlido,erlikospyx…)only viable to bleed and make crazy chompers,but its very risky

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Its problem is that it is

  1. too team dependent - it has high speed so that most of the time when you swap-out, your next creature needs to tank a hit.
  2. Too hard to swap in - Swap-in invincibility is really only useful toward Dio in this meta. You don’t want to swap it in facing chompers - who will just eat you up, nor fast creatures - because the bleeding potential is wasted, although sometimes it is a good move, it is still super situational.
  3. Too many immune in this meta. Its main damage is bleeding and everyone has at least 3 immune creatures in their team. Plus both indoraptors have cleanse available.
  4. Too easy to be outplayed - Even when you swap-it in to a Dio or Tryko, it is too easily countered by just simply swap-in an immune creature and all of its value is lost.

All in all it needs more way to do damage other than bleeding, maybe add a rending attack on top of its lethal swoop; it needs to be less team-dependent meaning ways to help you to swap in another creature without taking a huge hit; also invincibility needs to be buffed to be useful.

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