Best waste of time?

12 minutes of me sitting and waiting to get a match before I give up.

Get this right ludia. It can’t be that hard.




I was trying to get a match the same time you were. I know we’re in the same trophy matchmaking range.


Even earlier today when I was at gyro it was taking me forever. I got matched with same person 4 straight games.

I would love to see some numbers of how many players are actually playing this. But I doubt Ludia would show that because they don’t want people realizing its dying. The player base would stop putting money into it.

At least we can fight AI… there was a time this happened even when you just wanted Incubators

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I think end-game is dying. My alliance keeps losing its oldest players in exchange for new, low leveled ones. But even they don’t seem as active as I was back in those days.


Unless they want to put alloG2 in the incubators I don’t care about them. Getting 32 dna to something like edmontosaurus is just trash.

The top players are probably being matched with people from S.S. Arcadia or something.


No we’re eventually getting matched with each other. It just takes 30 minutes to do so.

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My game clock went to searching for opponent for about 30 seconds, then switched to fight AI and when I choose to do so it went to the searching for opponent message for quite a while before I closed the game out. I guess even AI is busy elsewhere!

If it comes where my options are AI or waiting 10 minutes for a person. I’ll quit. I’m sure ludia wouldn’t care.

Battling AI is the lamest thing to me.

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I noticed that as I advance my level and the number of trophies, it gets longer the waiting time to find opponents.

I spent 4.5 hrs battling last night opening incubators just to try and get one lousy health boost so I could apply it to my tryko. I put on my tin foil hat on and screamed the game was rigged. $1000 in game cash to open incubators and 4.5 hrs of headache inducing battling to finally get one health boost.

I did gather 17 attack boosts and 15 speed boosts in the process. I even battled you last night. It was one of the easiest battles all night. Then I saw it was you and thought there is no way I beat you. Any time I’ve faced you, you took me out back of the woodshed and kicked the crap out of me. I think ludia had it in for all of us last night.

Oh I get the AI option. But that’s not what I want. With a seasonal reward of Allo2, I’m interested in getting a real person so I have the chance to gain trophies. I’m usually battling with full incs lately.


Unknown entity right?

I had an awful draw for your tryso. Literally nothing I could do haha.

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This game is becoming a waste of time. The arena is littered with the same matchups one after another. Disconnects have become the norm. Hunting is non-existent. But we have sanctuaries 🤷. Can’t wait for more sanctuary exclusive creatures.:unamused:


Yes that was the dino. I couldn’t recall which one but after you said it I remembered. When the ol girl gets her groove on it’s like a wrecking ball. Too bad she doesn’t like to get wild more often.

I think the endgame is dying because the tip top people are getting bored and have reduced the spending that they’re doing. The endgame will repair itself though over time from new people rising to the top

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I got the AI three times in a row down in the 4K range. Maybe the same like bug as friendly battles but in this case, because it doesn’t connect to find another person, just times out to being able to battle the AI.

I just quit the game today. It was a waste of time for me. It really pains me to leave the game, but it was something I have to do. I couldn’t take the BS in the game anymore (RNG, Gambling, bugs, and also how that the game is so much pay to win). I’ll also stop being active on the forums now due to this. Goodbye everyone, I’ll miss you :wave::pensive:.