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Best way for irritator and pyroraotor dna


I’m only 60 dna off magna and need pyroraptor and irritator dna badly, I dropped down to 2000-2500 trophies for it but my incubators don’t contain them any ideas or suggestions ?


Yeah 2 ideas.

First request irri DNA from the alliance. If they are kind enough that will help.

2nd hunt in pyros local area. If you see dracorex and eni and euplo he spawns there but only during the day.

If patience fails, then epic scents in that area plus battle and speed up the battle incubators for more irritator DNA.

Other than that unless you wait for them to be in special events or incubators thats the best you can do.

Hope that helps


Is there a way to figure out what area you’re in ? I see euplo and Draco all the time (Draco gen1 Rare now that i need him too lol) but is there something Ludia put out so you can see?