Best way to deal with an indominus?


Hello. I currently have 2880 trophies and this is my current team:

So far I have encountered some Indominus Rex, not too many but enough to be annoying. As I don’t have too much experience with it, I’d like to know your ideas and advices on how to best take her out without breaking your match. If you could focus it on the dinosaurs I currently have, I’d appreciate it, but also advices on others I don’t have on my team but could be useful.

Thanks! <3


Anky can help with his shields and instant shield when it will hit you with a x2 damage attack also slowing it done with the thug move I forget it’s name lol but then switch to your rex and possibly one hit it


Also if you have any dinosaurs that remove positive affects to make there cloaking go away


But indominus is immune so you can’t slow her T.T


oh! Thats actually a good advice ty


Oh lol sorry only fought 2 and anky and any dinosaurs that could make him do 0 was why I won


cant purge cloak and cant debuff indominus. shields are its only weakness, since cloak can save it from raptors frequently.


Nodopatosaurus, then? But, sigh, I feel like we would need a big hit to take her down since health is so high, and nodopato (as well as most dinosaurs with shields, usually tanks) have a small attack instead. Ffffs indominus gives me headaches.


Definitely Anklo or a move with heavy shield :+1:


Remove positive effect on cloak used to work. I did it a week ago with my dilo just fine. Doesn’t seem to do the trick properly anymore or is it just the 50% dodge? Pretty confused here i am 100% sure it used to work some time ago i did it myself multiple battles.

Only way to save yourself from cloak:

Sacrifice your ‘worst dino’, instantly go with a big DMG dealer afterwards (see below why).

Use ‘Instant invincibility’ which pretty much is your only option since you can’t debuff indo.

Use any kind of shield; it will still go through your armor so your anky isn’t even a decent counter - especially since it has ‘no dmg’. People in high rank also switch indo before it dies and put it back a next time to cloak again - similar like the raptor pounce. You really need to take it out asap; after cloak combo it is pretty much ‘useless’ unless you have an armor guy; it can still shred armor hence why anky isn’t even a good counter.

Mostly i follow up with enia; ferocious strike / stunning impact mostly take care of indo due to heavy damage. I also try to hit it when it is dodging, then swap. Hopefully hitting it to one-shot it afterwards. Raptors or any other heavy dmg also does the trick. Highly prefer these over shield guys just to avoid swapping indo and raptors 24/7.


The idea of sacrificing a bad dinosaur, then bringing a high dps one for the third turn might be useful, thanks!


You need Blue, Rexy, and the mososaurus jumping out of the lagoon to drag it into the water. It’s the only way.


Hahahahahaha that’s a shame because the last one isn’t available :sob::sob::sob: if only… now THAT would be epic wouldn’t it


remove used to work, a few updates ago. they thought remove killed the purpose of cloak, too hard a counter so they made cloak immune to removal


Thats exactly what remove does; it removes effects. Cloak + rampage completely breaks the entire arena. To me it doesn’t make sense; remove has not a lot of purpose anyway in current meta. I rather use ‘break shield and pierce armor’ over remove.

How many dinos have remove? Loads! Even regular players can access it, even multiple dinosaurs if you want. I can counter a legendary which should be somewhat ‘easy to find’ since both the Trex and raptor spawn everywhere; not only in particular spawn zones. It isn’t that hard to make if you go out and participate in events.

How many dinos have instant invincibility? Literally 1 which i currently have; the anky. I also have the amargo but it’s level is too low. Indo does amor piercing rampage; even if i use shields it still shreds your (amored) dinos to pieces it does guaranteed 1.500+ DMG. That is still a LOT of damage. Sacrificing your bad dino is even worse… Thats almost always an instant lose if you have a bad team. Only the stun gods can save you now… It is so unfortunate.

This is exactly the same problem as raptors and not being able to get multiple decently leveled slow dinosaurs. My stegocera can deal with 2 raptors max, not 3 raptors and an indo (or speed teams in general). Raptor meta getting ‘buffed’ more with the release of even more raptors while players are still dealing with full raptor and indo teams. Once you get legendaries going you’re fine but i haven’t found any of them yet (except the indo).


Can’t stun indom so not sure why you said stun gods can save you.

Indom is 1 trick pony. Surprisingly weak other than its cloak rampage combo. It’s slow but immune and surprisingly squishy without cloak. Sometimes doesn’t even survive to get off a single hit.

Its armor piercing but can’t break shields like rex can. It’s honestly not great vs shielding tanks. There are lots. Don’t need 100% shield.


Stun gods save you in the raptor meta as i described. For the indom you can’t use those thus it is a useless pick, especially since it recks armor.

Indom is at best a 2 trick pony; players just haven’t found out about it yet. You can swap the indom if it survives cloak damage twice. First cloak, rampage, switch for raptors, wait for cloak cd, repeat. It is exactly the same as a raptor, a lot of players just haven’t found out yet.

It can’t break shields but as also mentioned; it still shreds armor. Minimum damage is 1.500, even if shielded. Shield tanks the first half, the rest can’t be tanked. You can simply use rampage and switch to remove effect or break shield to get rid of shield, wait for cloak cd, repeat. You simply don’t keep an indom fighting against something else. Everything has effective counters; 100% shield is the only one yet it is pretty much unobtainable.

Vulnerability strike doesn’t work either due to immunity; hence why shielders still aren’t decent enough to take on an indom. Pinning strike on the other hand doesn’t work either; again due to immunity. It makes it even easier in this case for the indom to swap, easy choice, much cloak, repeat the rampage massacre. Just need to be ‘lucky’ to dodge everything which isn’t that hard.

Indom takes care of raptor killers, raptors take care of indom killers. It is the most effective meta deck unless you have somehow acquired multiple legendaries already.


first pounce with raptor. Even if indominus dodge, it is likely to affect. swap afterwards and select a dinosaur with speed 128. I attack this dinosaur once. When indominus kills him, pick the raptor from the remainder. and finish with pounce (pounce has worked for every dodge too)my write too bad bcoz i use translate


But indominus is immune, pounce won’t reduce damage :sob:

Lots of insight here, thank you all, shame it all means mostly that indominus cant effectively get countered at all :cry:


it happened every time