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Best way to earn battles for alliance?

So my alliance gets 10 on Exploration every week, buy we only get 8, maybe 9 if we’re really on for defense. The amount of battles is crazy ridiculous in my opinion. But what are the best way to rack up battles other than arena and strike events? Do friendlies still count as 2?
Also. How are we supposed to open so many incubators? Is there another way I dont know about?

Strategy is your best friend here. You need to coordinate when to open or save Incubators so none go to waste. For the battles, if everyone does 20 a day, and does all strike events, you should be fine. Campaign missions can be grinded if you haven’t passed it yet, and Friendly Battles do count as 2 if you do one with someone else in your Allaince

I think someone has posted a guide for this in the forums.
Battles: Spam campaign (that you haven’t beaten yet). Derank in arena. Friendlies count as 2.
Incubators: Have all members hold four incubators + 3 daily battle incubators on Sunday night. Coordinate opening them and doing strikes to rank up as fast as possible on Monday. If you push hard on the first day, you can finish without paying to open incs.